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The word “dentist is not synonymous with “teeth whitening.” Dentists do a lot more than just whitening teeth. Many treatments make up the field of dentistry; it includes treating infections, preserving and improving oral health through routine check-ups, and oral hygiene techniques such as flossing and using mouthwash to be used daily at home. 

Regular visits to dentist can reduce may dental issues. Common problems are breaking of the teeth or the decays, swollen gums that need an immediate treatment to reduce the pains. There are hospitals, health center and free camps that can ensure dental health. Or, else you can visit them at the local centers. Regularly many patients need the help of a doctor for their teeth treatments. 

Why is BDS so expensive?

Dental school is expensive for many reasons, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the same thing: time. It takes longer to become a dentist than it takes to become a lawyer or a physician, which is reflected in the cost of dental education.

Dental schools receive a lot of funding from the government and private organizations. The cost is around $200,000 per year for each dental school student. The main reason for such an expensive education is that dental schools can’t be accredited without proper equipment and facilities.

Consider a professional dental university who qualified for their degree in India, and they were able to achieve great results with relatively less expensive equipment. As you can see, the  dentistry system is expensive, even for international students. There are plenty of reasons why it’s more expensive than other countries.A huge amount goes into maintenance of the dental school itself and anesthesia machines, x-ray machines, dental chairs, and other equipment that the student needs to carry out procedures on patients. Like any other type of school or college, there is also a need for instructors and teachers who are well educated and endured in their respective fields.

Why do dentists charge high?

The high cost of dental care has been a growing problem. In the United States, dental costs are twice as much as those for health care as a whole. In Canada, the 2012 report from the Canadian Institute for Health Information found that dental costs have increased by 7.5 percent each year since 1997, compared to 3 percent annually for health care services overall. The report also showed that in 2010-11, almost one quarter spent 10 percent or more of their household income on out-of-pocket health expenses, including dental services.

  1. Dentists usually charge more than doctors because dentists perform more challenging and complex procedures. Dentists generally spend four years in college, four years in dental school, and then one year of internship before they can practice. They must qualify for a state licensing exam and a national board exam before becoming a dentist.
  1. Dentists also have to spend thousands of dollars  worth of equipment to practice their craft. The equipment includes an x-ray machine, microscopes, and drills,which cost thousands of dollars each. Dental offices also need to pay for insurance, rent, and employee salaries.
  1. Dentistry is a complex field that requires extensive training. Dentists involves in lso treatment of  gingivitis, cavities, root canals, and gum disease, which doctors do not treat. Although doctors do some cosmetic dentistry, the majority is done by dentists due to their specialized training in the field.


Dentists charge a high price but, they have a valid reason because of their efforts. A comparison of the charges by dentists to charges by other professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, or even Teachers makes us think.

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