Neurogenic Stuttering vs. Psychogenic Stuttering

Erectile dysfunction is the difficulty in getting and maintaining an erection for the normal intimate session. It has underlying causes. The basic problem is difficulty in getting sufficient blood flow to the pelvic area. Every underlying affecting blood flow or mental involvement in physical stimulation leads to erectile dysfunction.

Neurogenic and cyclogenic causes are dominated in older males, though; younger males can also get affected by one of these causes. Neurogenic causes emerge from nerve pain or impairment in the nervous system. Cyclogenic causes emerge with aging. However, lifestyle and diet plays an important role in development of many cyclogenic causes. The healthy lifestyle decreases the causes, while a poor diet hastens the causes with ageing.

Neurogenic causes behind erectile dysfunction

Any impairment in the nervous system, both central and the periphery, causes erectile dysfunction in males. The central nervous system is the brain and spinal cord. It receives and processes information that enables different parts of the body to get signals for activities.

The Peripheral Nervous system has nerves around the brain and spinal cord that connect them to the rest of the body parts. The cerebrospinal nerves transmit impulses to move muscles .the peripheral nervous also consists of autonomic systems to regular functions like digestion, breathing and heart rates.

Nervous system plays an important part in the erection process. The brain has to trigger the signal to increase blood flow towards the private organ. The neurotransmitters from the brain act as triggers to push blood flow towards the private organ. The cerebrospinal nerves carry the signal to the brain, while the brain then processes and formulates the signals that are sent to the body. Body acts on these signals to perform the task.

Any damage to nerves causes disruption in the system of smooth neurotransmitters, which leads to erectile dysfunction. Spinal cord injury, Parkinson, brain stroke, Alzheimer disease, and even diabetes cause erectile dysfunction. Diabetes and high blood pressure damage blood nerves to disrupt the normal blood flow.

Excess alcoholism can also damage the neurological system to cause problems in erection. The severity of the damage determines the degree of erectile dysfunction.

Cyclogenic causes

These are normal causes that happen as a man ages and causes various physical and mental issues. In old age, the blood vessels become stiff, which reduces the normal blood flow. The level of hormones decrease, testosterone production comes down and libido hits the lower levels.

Arthritis is a major issue in older males. It has no direct relations with erectile dysfunction, but indirectly it hampers the physical fitness levels of the sufferer. The pain during any physical activity leads to infrequent intimate sessions.

Hormonal imbalances, decline in testosterone, and less energy for intense physical activity including intimate sessions, are other causes. Old males have less stamina and low desire levels. The combination makes them lose interest in intimate life. Prostate enlargement is an issue that comes up in life after 60 years of age. It is also a part of causes as a man ages.

Erectile dysfunction prevalence

52 percent of males in age group 40-70 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. The higher age group has close to 60 percent males with erectile dysfunction. The causes also differ from male to male and between age groups.

Treatment options

Neurogenic causes need medical treatment. Doctors working on neurological causes believe that depending on severity of the problem, one can come back to normal erection process. In both types of causes, medical consultations are necessary before one takes medicines to overcome erectile issues.

The permanent solution is cured from the underlying cause. The short- term solution is using Sildenafil Citrate 150mg in consultation with the doctor. The medical expert must know the medicines a patient is taking. Erectile dysfunction drugs react strongly with medicines prescribed for neurogenic causes.

Lifestyle changes can reduce the emergence of age related causes. A healthy man with a relaxed mind can continue to enjoy the intimate session. The man with poor health will hardly have any desire or physical strength for any physical activity.

Neurogenic and cyclogenic causes behind erectile dysfunction can vary from male to males. The percentage of males with cyclogenic causes are found only in older age groups above 50. The percentage increases with age. The medical diagnosis and treatment options of the cause should be the priority. Then males can use erectile dysfunction medicine Generic cialis 60mg Tadalafil , a higher dose for an erection. Since a male suffering from both types of causes may be using medicines, medical consultation with the online team of ensures that one enjoys the benefits without medical reactions.

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