Netmeds Clone App: Features, Facts, And Cost

Online medication shopping App such as Netmeds Clone App has made living the urban lifestyle a lot easier. Ordering Medicine is as easy as ordering a hamburger and cold diet coke!  No kidding! These On-Demand Pharmacy Delivery Apps have tapped into everyone’s lives one way or the other. This One-Tap-Shop serves people from all walks of life. People with simple flu or maybe a chronic illness who couldn’t visit the store can easily purchase the prescribed medications from the simple to install and easy-to-use digital platform.  

So, for Medical Entrepreneurs who want to reach out to a wider audience and expand their businesses, developing a Prescription Delivery App is the only way. Many businesses right for local food joints, electricians, and even pharmacies have leveraged technology to expand their business and accelerate growth!  

Simply put, you need to welcome technology with open arms if earning millions in profits and expanding to a larger scale is on your goal chart!  


  • According to a Fortune Business Insights Report, the global market size of ePharmacy is projected to be valued at USD 177,794.9 million by the year 2026. The key reasons behind the same are expected to be the increased demand for home deliveries! 
  • The anticipated Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is expected to go over 16.8% from 2022 to 2028.
  • ePharmacy Apps like the Netmeds Clone App provide medicines at a discounted rate as compared to the retail pharmacy stores. 
  • The ePharmacy App market is split primarily based on Prescription Drugs and Over Counter (OTC) Drugs. 
  • The highest-grossing ePharmacy Market regions include North America, Europe, Asia-PAcific, South America, Middle East, and Africa.


Easy Registration and Login 

Let the users easily register on the App via their Social Media Credentials. Keep a much simplified login system such as via phone number and OTP authentication. 

Browse Categories 

Allows users to filter their medications and quickly search for whatever medications they need by simply typing a relevant keyword and hitting the search button. 

Order Tracking 

The users can now track their order via the App itself! How? The integrated map shows the real-time location of the pharmacy delivery driver. Plus, the user can see the Estimated Time of Arrival on the App and track the minute-by-minute update of the order in a timeline format. 

Secured Payments 

Users prefer Apps with a secured payment gateway. And a high-end secured online transaction system with the country’s local payment gateway system is what makes Netmeds Clone App reliable. 


To be honest, it takes nothing but only a small investment cost to build and launch a fully-functional, mature, and meticulously market-tested App. Yes! You heard that right. 

Presently, every entrepreneur is seeking the quickest and easiest way to earn millions of cash. And what’s making them a millionaire is Pre-Built Business Solutions. These Ready-to-Launch Clone App Packages are available at a low investment cost yet they hold the caliber to rake in an unimaginable income source in the form of commission on every order or membership subscription plan purchase.  


Do you wish that you had enough finances to start your own business? Was it always your dream to become a Millionaire with the least amount of effort? 

If that’s a yes, then investing in a Prescription Delivery App development is the right choice for you. 

Let’s connect and talk about the endless possibilities!