The negative impact of Coronavirus on 2021

Coronavirus, at first everyone thought it will go away after the vaccine was made. But now WHO (World Health Organization) said that this coronavirus will stay with us forever. It will be like a seasonal flue. The reason is the virus has the ability to mutate and as time goes by it’s mutating so scientists having difficulty making a specific vaccine that will work for all the variants that are out in the world now.

But the problem is as time goes by it’s affecting more and more people and as it comes to contact with people it starts to mutate again. Sometimes the new variant becomes more powerful than it was at first. Just like the UK and South African variant which are much more infectious than it was before.


After the first wave the second wave and for some countries it is the third wave of covid-19 now. The rate of covid cases and deaths are increasing day by day and many countries again having difficulty fighting against it. Because of the increase in the rate of covid cases and deaths in many countries, medical systems are also going through huge pressure.

Some counties seeing some hopes because of the vaccines like the US and Europe. But some countries like INDIA are going through nightmares now. Again some countries completely won against the virus-like China.

The reasons for the high rates of covid cases and deaths are the new variants and the lack of precautions.

Southeast Asia was hit by the second wave very hardly and we can see that INDIA is the one suffering from this the most. On 25 March, India revealed that a new variant was found in some of its states. It is thought that this new variant can infect people much more fastly and is more powerful. WHO (World Health Organization) investigating this new variant to see if it is as concerning as the UK and South African variants.

This new variant also shows some new symptoms. At first, the symptoms were fever, cough, loss of taste and smell. Now the new symptoms are loss of appetite, fatigue, muscle pain, sleeplessness, and diarrhea.

India was doing well before, the covid cases and deaths were compared to other cases and because of that they mostly removed all kinds of lockdown and restrictions. People started to stop following social distancing and wearing masks or any kinds of covid rules. Even the government started programs that violate the covid rules. As both citizens and government didn’t care about the pandemic, it backfired, and now the citizens and government suffer very badly.

The same situation happened in other countries too, where the rate of covid cases and deaths were decreased and as result, both the government and citizens let their guard down which resulted in a rapid increase in covid cases and deaths. Thus the precaution taken to avoid the virus was all in vain.

Now Indian hospitals are out of beds and oxygen. A lot of people dying on the streets because there is no bed available and even if they get a bed, patients are still dying for the lack of oxygen. Again there a lot of patients that are not actually covid patients but they also need oxygen; in that case oxygen concentrator can help us to save those dying patients. But these patients are also dying because hospitals are out of oxygen.

The number of deaths showed on the news is high but this number is only a portion of the actual number which is estimated much higher.

India’s neighbor country Bangladesh, Pakistan also found the Indian variant of coronavirus. If these countries don’t take action they might also go through the nightmare India is going through now.

US, UK, Saudi Arabia Australia, China, Germany, France, Pakistan, and Singapore are ready to help India. America, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Singapore, and Pakistan send oxygen and other medical equipment.

It shows that how dreadful covid-19 is and what will happen if we don’t pay proper attention.

We must take appropriate precautions to save both ourselves and others near us.

We know not all of us can stay home because we also need food to live and food doesn’t come for free. So, without any reason, we shouldn’t go outside. Before going outside always wear a mask it doesn’t have to be pricy we can make one at home or use something that will cover our nose and mouth.

Every time after coming home from outside wash your hands at first if possible take bath.

If we don’t follow the covid rules we know what could happen to us if we read or watch the news.

For India, all the countries should come forward as much as they can to help India fight the pandemic cause if it goes out of hand the world will face a greater night mere. People from all over the  glove should also pray for Indians Covid-19 patients.

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