Sleep is an essential part of our life. If healthy sleep still seems unattainable, these 6 tips can help!

Many of the body’s most important functions, such as healing and muscle regeneration, take place while we sleep. But with all the demands of today, it is no longer a matter of course to be able to switch off in the evening and immerse yourself in a restful night’s sleep. If it is difficult to fall asleep or if you are generally struggling with sleep difficulties, simple remedies and small changes in everyday life can often help you sleep better. Deep sleep blend is another perfect natural and organic remedy to help you sleep relax and better, waived out all your pain and anxiety.

Don’t eat anything for at least 2 hours before going to bed!

To make it easier to fall asleep and to improve the quality of sleep, it is advisable not to eat anything at least 2 hours before going to bed. Dinner should also not be too heavy, so that digestion is not burdened and the body can regenerate itself during sleep instead of having to spend energy for digestion.

Avoid nicotine and caffeine at least 4 hours before going to bed!

Caffeine and nicotine have a stimulating effect and can prevent the body from falling asleep and block a natural sleep rhythm. Therefore, for a healthy sleep, it is best to avoid products containing nicotine and caffeine about 4-6 hours before going to bed.

Make your bedroom a place of rest!

While it sounds very plausible, this tip is extremely effective. We often underestimate the influence that electronic devices, light, noise or sounds and memories of unfinished business can have on our sleep quality. It therefore makes sense to make the sleeping area as clear and calm as possible and to ban all of the previously mentioned potential sources of disturbance from the bedroom.

Use the time before going to bed!

For a healthy sleep, not only the time in which we actually sleep plays a role, but also the time before it. Especially if you have trouble falling asleep, calming evening activities work wonders! Yoga or simple stretching exercises, meditation, soft music, breathing exercises, a walk or just a hot shower or bath – all of this prepares you optimally for a really restful night’s sleep.

Find your rhythm!

The positive influence of a certain sleep-wake cycle should also not be underestimated. Regular times when you go to sleep or wake up bring the body back into harmony with its natural biorhythm and thus contribute to easier falling asleep and better sleep.

Use the power of plants!

Many plants have a naturally calming effect on the body and can therefore support falling asleep and generally healthy sleep. Examples of this are chamomile, lavender, hops, valerian, but also walnuts, which contain melatonin – an important sleep hormone, for example. If you integrate these herbal aids into your evening routine, for example by drinking chamomile tea or keeping a lavender pillow next to your bed, this can have extremely positive effects on the quality of sleep and the speed at which you fall asleep.

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