N95 Masks and Everything You Want To Know About It

The situations around us are changing rapidly. With the population of our country and the magnitude of safety that is to be covered up, it is important for more and more manufacturers who make COVID safety products have to keep up with the pace of the ever growing demands. These safety products  can be masks, sanitizers, wipes, face shields, disinfectant wipes provided through a channel of latex gloves manufacturers, Hand Sanitizer Dealers, Mask dealers and distributors.

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These dealers/ distributors and sellers make the product supply chain effective from the manufacturer to the end consumer.  In the most recent time, with the new variants coming in the, N95 masks are know to keep 95% of the germs away from us. But what is an N95 mask? How to use it properly? Can it be reused? Here is a detailed  explanation about these N95 Masks, which are most important in these times. 

What is an N95 Mask?

The N95 is a protective mask with a fine mesh synthetic polymer filter. The number 95 mentioned in the names means that the mask effectively filters out 95% or less of airborne particles. Oxygen molecules can pass through freely, through the material thus allowing people who are wearing N95 masks to breathe properly.

How is an N95 mask classified ?

There are two separate factors in classifying a disposable particulate respirator: how the mask filters air and how resistant the mask is to oil.

The different ratings indicate how well the mask would protect against oils and are rated as N, R, or P. According to NIOSH, “respirators are rated ‘N,’ if they are Not resistant to oil, ‘R’ if somewhat Resistant to oil, and ‘P’ if strongly resistant (oil Proof).”

Proper Use

N95 must remain in the container before use to avoid  any form of contamination. it should never be left on the neck, on the head or attached to an ear.

To Reuse the Mask

Between uses, it is suggested that the mask be kept clean, in a  container or a paper bag. It is important to wear a pair of clean gloves when using a used N95 mask, or sanitize your hands before and after using the N95 Mask, you can keep a sanitizer sachet handy for such instances.

It is also important to check the mask before wearing it. If it is damaged, torn or seems to be contaminated or does not solve the effective work, it is best advised to discard it and buy another pack on N95 Masks.

While it is advisable to follow the guidelines mentioned for N95 mask usage, it is also important to look out for manufacturer’s recommendations regarding standards for use, reuse, and disposal of the mask. Most of the manufacturers mention it on the package, whether you buy it online or get it from your local  N95 face mask dealers /distributors / sellers.


  • According to research disinfection with specific products and following a certain protocol could kill germs and viruses without damaging the mask..
  • If someone is looking forward to purchasing these N95 masks, they must visit nearby stores or they can also order these masks from N95 or Surgical Face Mask Dealers that give you the best quality N95 Mask at affordable prices.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before putting on and taking off the respirator.
  • If you have used a N95 mask before that fits you, use the same make, model and size.
  • Inspect the respirator for damage. If your N95 appears damaged, DO NOT USE IT. Replace it with a new one.
  • Do not allow facial hair, hair, jewelry, glasses, clothing, or anything else to prevent proper placement or come between your face and the mask.

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