Myths and real side-effects of covid-19 vaccine ?

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The most common repercussion of different covid-19 jabs.

1.  Disturbance in mensuration cycle of women’s and heavy bleeding . This drawback  is 100% confirmed and proven scientifically in every vaccine.
2. Miniscule cramps is the 2nd most ordinary side effects seen in women’s.  Found in all vaccines.

3. Blood clottting is genderless reaction it can occur in anyone. It depends on the vaccines especially covidshield vaccine what will be the rate of effects and your immunity. It is seen in people who take Astrazeneca and Jhonson & Johnson vaccine.
4. Pain, Redness, Swelling in your hand where you take vaccine. It can happen with anyone regardless of your immunity, gender and vaccine.
5. Increase in blood pressure even if you are not earlier patient of hypertension and worst thing about this it is not classified as a reaction by medical authorities. Yet it was very rare but noticed in Switzerland.
6. Body Aches is considered as a major and  side effect by many vaccines.
7. Fever or Flu is the most common side effect and seen in majority of the people. From this side effect you will definitely suffer if you are pale or undernourished. In this reaction your sperm count decrease not only this of fever, but also in normal fever.

We also conduct a research where we talked 1000 random people who has got vaccinated and majority of them suffer from fever, however it depends on your immunity also the people who are healthy or over weight.

8. Fatigue or overtiredness is common to undernourished and malnourished people. This can also occur if you take vaccine without eating anything or you doesn’t take meal after vaccination.
9. Skin Allergy was seen in youngester, teens and adolescents especially the people who take Moderna and Pfizer.
10. Myocarditis ( rare heart beat inflammation ) was recently discovered in USA reaction seen in teenagers and youngesters.
11. Headache was a very common symptoms seen in India for the people who inoculated from Covaxin.
12. Nausea and Vommiting  is seen in undernourished peoples or people who are already suffering from any disease.

Myths and fake News

Infertility :- You will not get infertile after taking vaccine. In addition seo mafia course free download, there is no evidence suggesting that fertility problems are a side effect of ANY vaccine. This rumour widely spreads in Pakistan because of their leader 
Sperm count decreases :- No vaccines doesn’t decrease sperm count, however any type of fever can do this , but you can still make the girl pregnant and you will not be infertile. 
Sex drive will decrease :- Not all this is fake information spreading in rural India despite of gender imbalance.
Vaccine consists of pork ingredients :- No this is a misinformation spreaded by uneducated bogus islamic gurus.
Corona is propaganda Of West :-  No this was a common misconception in citizens of Afghanistan.
Vaccine is Anti-Muslim = Neither it will sterilise you nor a conspiracy against you. Yet many vaccines are not halal certified.
Cow blood in vaccine = No this is totally senseless allegation against vaccine. Yet you still can’t considered it as vegetarian.

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