Top Myths About Long-Lasting Performance Tablets

When faced with difficulties in physical performance, the general reaction is to sweep it under the rug. This reaction is amplified more than ever when the so-called difficulties are concerned with not lasting long enough in bed, such as premature ejaculation. PE is a physical disorder characterised by the ejaculation of semen sooner than wanted. It is a prevalent physical complaint and usually not a cause for concern unless it happens consistently. Some symptoms you can look out for are:

  • Always or nearly always ejaculating within 1-3 minutes of intercourse, sometimes even before
  • Being completely unable to delay ejaculation during physical activity

These problems can typically be very distressing, but with medical advice from your doctor and a prescription for suitable long-lasting tablets, you can easily get through it. Not only will these pills help to last longer in bed, but they also help with other issues like erectile issues, low drive, etc. Unfortunately, countless phoney tablets claiming to help with long-lasting performance in bed have given these medications a lousy reputation. So, if you are going through these problems but are scared to opt for the right tablets because of the many myths floating around, here are the top ones debunked:

  • Erections Caused by Long Lasting Tablets Last Hours: These tablets temporarily increase blood flow to your penis, helping you maintain a strong erection for intercourse. It is a common misconception that medication for erectile function results in a constant, long-lasting erection. On the other hand, once the physical  activity is complete, the erection subsides naturally. If your erection lasts 4 hours or more, you should ask for immediate medical assistance as it can be a rare condition called priapism.
  • Long-Lasting Tablets are Addictive: This is a common myth many believe, but durable tablets are scientifically tested, safe and completely non-addictive. They only work by naturally encouraging penile blood flow for a better physical experience.
  • Consuming Long-Lasting Tablets is Not Safe When Trying to Conceive: This is entirely false information. These tablets are designed to improve your physical  activity by giving you more control over ejaculation, increasing sperm quality, motility and volume. These are especially safe to consume when trying to conceive as it assists with ovulation cycles and scheduled physical activity.
  • Long Lasting Tablets Hurt Your Eyes: A common side effect of these pills is a slightly blue tint to your eyes, but that’s not true. It also depends on the company you shop the tablet from. Some long-lasting tablets are made of organic ingredients and cause no damage to you physically or mentally.

To summarise, long-lasting tablets are entirely safe to take after due research. In addition, stores like Kindly Health offer FSSAI-certified, cruelty and  toxin-free medicine that will be of great help, so take a look!