Muscle massage guns best for athlete

The massage gun until relatively recently was an exclusive article to rise to elite athletes, who used it as part of their recovery process. However, these massagers are already within the reach of any pocket and anyone who regularly practices sports will be able to benefit from their many advantages.

From here we are going to provide you with valuable information so that you know something more about muscle massage guns.

What are the main functions of muscle massage guns?

The muscle massage gun is a muscle health gadget to have at home, whether you are an athlete or not. It is a lightweight and easy-to-use portable electronic device that relieves the muscles of the body and provides them with greater mobility. In addition, it is used to promote recovery, increasing the performance of the affected muscle area.


Among its main functions, the following stand out:

  • Elimination of contractures and muscle knots.
  • Increased blood flow and improved circulation.
  • Muscle repair and increased flexibility and performance.
  • Relief of muscle tension and pain (soreness).
  • Regeneration of scar tissue.
  • Significant relief in chronic problems like arthritis.

The proper functioning of this type of massager is due to the vibration of its heads that allows to perform what in physiotherapy jargon is called percussion massage and vibration massage, it depends on the gun and the head you choose.

 In addition, you have the possibility to choose the power and frequency of your massage depending on the area to be applied. Thanks to the different powers and heads that the guns bring, it allows you to adapt your massage to the affected muscle group, a large affected muscle group such as the gluteus or quadriceps is not the same as the biceps or trapezius.

It acts on the locomotor system, being similar to the techniques used in Physiotherapy to eliminate functional limitations such as Myofascial Release. Now, what is the model that best suits you?

Which one is the best?

These innovative devices have not stopped evolving and that is why many athletes have their own massage gun to treat any muscle overload or ailment. However, you must choose the ideal design taking into account different basic aspects, which will help you make the best decision.

 Look at the step, powers and number of heads at the time of purchase. You are not interested in a heavy device because you will get tired and you are not interested in a device that has a very short battery life or has only 2 types of heads.

Sometimes we all get stressed out from the activities of daily living. However, not managing this stress properly could harm your health over time. The best massage guns uk could be a trick to successfully manage stress in the shortest time possible and in the most convenient way, while gaining many other benefits.

from here we advise you to opt for safe and reliable brands, and to make sure that the noise level of the machine is not high. You should also take into account the capacity of the battery and its autonomy, as well as the functions it includes to make your recovery as easy as possible. 

Buy Smart Fitness Massage Gun: features

The packaging and size of the best massage guns is extremely practical in terms of usability and portability. With a weight of only 640 grams, grams, and an elegant transport case, it can be carried and stored anywhere, avoiding the bulk of other pistols.

It reaches a massage depth of 12mm through four settings 1600, 2100, 2600 and 3100 rpm almost silently.

The Kit comes equipped with 5 special hypoallergenic silicone massage heads that provide a higher level of comfort.

The ergonomic design with a narrow oval-shaped handle provides optimum comfort during use and facilitates deeper penetration, increases blood and lymphatic circulation, and improves the general health of soft tissues and muscles.

The 2600 mAh battery offers up to 15 hours of use and is built into the gun.

Automatic intensity regulator with the pressure sensor. This is one of the highlights of this model. Although it has up to four intensities that may be triggered manually (by pushing a button), the gadget also contains a pressure sensor that is activated automatically when the pressure applied with the pistol is increased.

In conclusion:

best massage guns uk is recommended for all kinds of situations and people, either as a warm-up before exercising, to relax the muscles, to relieve muscle stiffness or to treat a contracture. Whatever the reason, if you play sports, you can see for yourself an improvement in both performance and recovery.

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