Most Typical STDs for both Men and Women

As much the sex is fun as much there is high chance of diseases and infections. It can affect both women and men. Sometimes, it is really challenging to recognise that one is infected with an STD. Knowledge is powerful whilst it is about sexual health.

Although you have been said to notice the symptoms but not every time you can experience it. Therefore you have to stay protected during sex and perform regular test. Here in this post, we will dig into the details of some STDs which are curable and treatable with proper medication on time.

HPV (Human Papillomavirus)

Every person who is sexually active will get HPV at a certain point of time. About 40 types of it spread during sex (oral, anal and vaginal). Unfortunately, one can get it skin-to-skin contact as well. Although most of the types are harmless and develop no symptoms and it gets cleared naturally from the body.

A few of it can lead to genital warts and some infects the throat and mouth. But some possess the ability to develop throat, mouth, penile and cervical cancer. HPV strains causing cancer can be treated with the vaccines (Gardasil-9, Gardasil and Cevarix).

private doctor in London.

Even, both of the Gardasil and Gardasil-9 can prevent against warts, anal and vaginal cancer. Hence, CDC advised to young men and women age within 11-26 to get vaccinated. Pap smear successfully detects the HPV caused cervical cancers. 


As the most common STD, Chlamydia spreads usually by anal and vaginal sex. But one can get infected by oral sex as well. Burning sensation during urinating and abnormal discharge of penis and vagina are significant symptoms of Chlamydia infection.

In this case, most men experience symptoms while only 25 percent of women experience the same. Due to its infection is led by bacteria, antibiotics is enough to treat it. Once the treatment is over, retesting must be done within 3-month on visiting any private doctor in London. Also, your partner should retest after treatment.


It is a kind of typical bacterial STD accompanied by Chlamydia. The symptoms of Gonorrhoea are much similar to that of Chlamydia like burning or painful peeing and abnormal discharge from penis or vagina. Although men who have Gonorrhoea experience symptoms yet only 20 percent of women experience any. Treatment of Gonorrhoea is easy with the use of antibiotics.


Being the trickiest STD, Syphilis has 4 stages. Sore is the alarming symptom one can notice in the primary phase. Often, it is called as the ‘great imitator’ due to the appearance of its sore as harmless bump, ingrown hair or cut. Second stage commences with rash all over the body accompanied by sores in anus, vagina and mouth.

Afterwards, in third and latent stage, no symptoms can be experienced at all. But it can survive in your body till your death. But about 15% of infected people can promote to last stage for the untreated syphilis.

In the last phase, it will result in significant nerve and organ damage that creates problems in brain as well. Syphilis is treated with antibiotics. As early as the treatment can start as less antibiotic you will need to be fit and fine due to their efficiency.


Herpes have 2 strains- HSV-2 and HSV-1 and both of them lead to genital herpes. However, most of the time, HSV-2 is the culprit to invade the human body. Infection of Herpes can be easily understood with the emergence of painful blisters surrounding anus, vagina and penis.

Sometimes, blisters can develop inside the anus or vagina too where it is touch to feel and notice. This doesn’t mean that everyone who gets Herpes develops blisters. It gets transferred from a person to another easily. All it needs is skin-to-skin contact involving the spots which condom can’t protect.

A person having Herpes is contagious if there are blisters only. Hence, you must stay protected and avoid any such contact with an infectious person because it is non-curable. Medication is given only to alleviate its effect and keep it under control.   


Trichomoniasis affects mostly women over men due to the invasion of tiny parasite. However, it can pass through to others at the time of penis-vagina contact. Women can transmit the infection to others via genital contact. Merely 30% of people having trichomoniasis can experience symptoms like sore genitals, burning and itching.

Even in some cases, it leads to greenish, yellowish, white, clear and smelly discharge as well. Fortunately, it is treatable with antibiotics. Retesting is essential on 3-month of treatment despite of treatment of your partner.


HIV virus leads to AIDS which can transmit via various bodily fluids like breast milk, vaginal fluids, semen and blood. Unprotected sex or sex without condom (anal or vaginal intercourse) can make a person infected. However, it never transmits via saliva or from kissing.

It distracts the person by showing vague symptoms mostly slight fever, fatigue, muscle ache and flu. Diarrhoea and weight lose can also happen due to AIDS. At that time, you can get sure about the infection only by performing blood or saliva test from a private sexual health clinic in London.

Slowly, it invades the immune system and over due course of time the body will lose its strength to combat against the infections. Although it is non-curable but proper treatment and medication will slow down the effect of HIV and enhances the lifespan of the patient.   

So, here are some usual STDs by which most women and men get infected. Everyone is suggested for regular sexual health screening, use protection during sex and gets tested regular to stay prevented. After all, early detection and early treatment improves the quality of life

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