Migraines: What Causes Them And The Possible Treatment Options?

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Migraine is a medical disorder that involves severe and frequent headaches along with other symptoms. To make you understand it better, FCP medical doctor UK explains the following causes and treatments for migraines.

What Causes And Triggers Migraines?

The migraines causes are not fully understood yet. However, the following are some factors that may play a role in triggering them.

Changes In The Brain

Sometimes changes in the brain can cause migraines. Experts think that changes in the brain mainly affect the way in which nerves communicate and the balance of chemicals. Unbalancing chemicals in the brain can take place due to the excessiveness or lack of chemicals that are also known as neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters make it easy for smooth communication between nerve cells.

Changes in the brain also impact blood vessels. Blood vessels maintain the supply of blood to the brain for routine functioning. In case of changes in the brain, they might stretch or swell according to the nature of change. This can also lead to a severe migraine attack.  

Genetic Features

According to the latest studies about triggering migraines, it has been revealed that genetic features can also be a cause. People with a history of migraines in their family are more vulnerable to this risk. According to recent studies, about 60% of people get migraines just due to their genes. In most cases, a single or mutation of genes is unlikely to cause migraine. However, it can be developed in case of multiple genes coming together. But, even if you have genes with the chances of migraine, you might not be getting it.

Environmental factors

Environmental factors can also be a reason for triggering a migraine. Environmental factors like strong smells, sunlight, TV light, flickering screens, temperature changes, stuffy rooms, and loud noise can trigger migraines. It is known that migraine has an economic impact, and timely remediation of it can benefit in saving economic resources. Migraineurs can face issues with their productivity otherwise. Some of the authentic studies confirm the relation of environmental influences on triggering a migraine. Most of the migraineurs around the world report environmental factors as their migraine trigger.

Emotional Conditions

One common trigger of migraine headaches is the emotional condition of a person. Stress, anxiety, and excitement are the conditions that cause changes in the brain and can imbalance the chemicals. The brain releases certain chemicals to combat that can result in migraines. These emotional conditions also cause an increase in muscle tension and dilate the blood vessels. These consequences can make migraines more severe for you.

Hormonal Changes

The most common triggering factor for migraines among women is hormonal changes. It has been witnessed that women are more vulnerable to this disease in the time of their menstrual periods. The sudden fall of estrogen that activates menses can also activate migraines. They can be worse in between the period of menopause and puberty. However, if you have a stronger hormonal factor in migraines, you may face fewer headaches after menopause. Hormonal changes do not cause migraines in males.

Drinks And Diet

The use of excessive drinks like alcohol and coffee or another drink with too much caffeine also triggers this issue. Certain foods also cause this illness, such as aged cheese, chocolates, and food additives. About 30% of migraine cases take place due to these factors.

Certain Medications

Using medicine such as sleeping pills, pain killers, hormone replacement therapy, and birth control pills can also trigger this problem.

What is the Treatment for Migraines?

Though migraine is incurable but can be managed and improved. In this regard, every FCP medical doctor uk suggests two major approaches that utilize medications. One is preventive, and the other is abortive.

In an abortive approach, medications are more effective when you use them at the time you witness the first sign of a migraine. It is suggested that you take medicines while the pain is mild instead of waiting to get it severe. Abortive medicines can help you stop headaches and decreasing migraine symptoms. Some of such medications work by narrowing and bringing back your blood vessels to normal. In this way, they help you relieve the throbbing pain.

However, in the preventive approach, medications are prescribed when you face severe headaches more than four times a month. These medications reduce the severity of your headaches. Doctors suggest taking these medicines on a regular basis to prevent migraines. 

What Medicines Are Used To Get Rid Of Migraine Pain?

Some of the abortive medications that you can use as soon you witness the first sign of migraine are as:

  • Over-the-counter
  • Ibuprofen
  • Aspirin + Acetaminophen + Caffeine
  • Naproxen

From this discussion, you can easily understand what can cause or trigger migraine attacks and how to treat them in the right way. In case of witnessing any sign of this disease, you must be consulting with a GP. They will help you stop or decrease it timely before getting it severe.

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