4 breathing exercises for glowing skin, know the method and benefits

People in Corona have been at home for a long time. Because of this, there has been a distance from beauty products. Also, for those who are doing office work and work stress is more, dark circles and fatigue are clearly visible on their face. In such situations, when it is not possible to go out of the house, then you can take out some time at home and do pranayama, which will make your face glow (Breathing exercises for glowing skin). Here we have told you some easy pranayama which can be done at home to increase the glow of the face. By doing this pranayama, carbon dioxide comes out from the blood and the oxygen level in the body is better. Due to which the face glows.

breathing exercises

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Breathing exercise for glowing skin:-

1. Kapalbhati Pranayama:

Kapalbhati is a cleansing exercise. Kapalbhati as the name suggests Kapal means forehead and Bhati means glow. This means that this pranayama brings a glow to the face. By doing this pranayama, the toxic substances come out from our bodies. It increases the blood circulation in our facial muscles. Due to which there are fewer dead skin cells on the face. Because of this, there is a glow on the face. By doing Kapalbhati, the face becomes smooth.

How to do:-

  • Sit with your waist and neck straight and if you are lying down, you can practice it while lying down.
  • First of all, take a long deep breath in.
  • There should be no tension on the face.
  • After this, while exhaling rapidly, try to bring the navel closer to the spine. This is our stroke. Do this 30-60 times.
  • After one round is over, exhale thrice a long deep breath in, and thrice in.
  • Do the second round with the fourth long deep breath and thus practice it for 3 to 5 rounds.


Patients related to heart diseases and patients with high BP should not do Kapalbhati.

2. Bhastrika Pranayama

Bhastrika Pranayama is very good to bring glow on the face. By doing Bhastrika Pranayama, energy is created in our body. As its name suggests, Bhastrika means rapid inhalation and outflow of breath like a blacksmith’s bellows. Because of this heat is produced in the body.

By doing this pranayama, the throat is massaged well. This pranayama increases the blood circulation in our cheeks. By doing this pranayama, when the blood circulation increases in our throat and face, it gives a glow to our face. If we keep Bhastrika in practice for a long time, then our face always glows.

While doing this pranayama, there should be a rapid sound in the breath while exhaling and while taking it. Our metabolic rate increases with this pranayama. Due to which our body spends non-essential energy. It also helps in reducing belly fat. Two main exercises have been given for doing this.

The first method of doing Bhastrika Pranayama:-

  • Sit down in a comfortable posture.
  • Bend your elbows and bring your hand near the shoulder and close your fist.
  • While inhaling, take your hand up towards the sky and while exhaling bring the hand back to the same position.
  • Repeat this pranayama 20-40 times.
  • Second method of Bhastrika Pranayama
  • Keep your hands on your knees.
  • Keep the waist and neck straight.
  • The breath has to be inhaled rapidly and exhaled rapidly. Do this 20-40 times.
  • Now place your first two fingers on the forehead and while keeping your left nostril closed with your last two fingers, slowly inhale through the right nostril.
  • Keeping your right nostril closed, exhale through the left nostril. It’s been around.
  • (Repeat any one of these two methods 3-5 times. Do one method at a time.)


  • Do this pranayama according to the capacity of your body.
  • Heart patients and patients with high BP should not practice it.

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3. Sheetkari Pranayama

Sheetkari Pranayama is very important for glowing skin. By doing this pranayama, the tongue comes out, due to which the shape of the jawline becomes good. For people who have a double chin, or people who get more fat on the face, then this pranayama also cures them. At the same time makes the skin glow.

How to do:-

  • Keep your waist and neck straight.
  • Place both your hands on your knees in Gyan Mudra.
  • Shoulders will remain relaxed.
  • Fill in -5 long deep breaths and exhale 5 breaths out. Prepare your body for Pranayama.
  • Stick out your tongue and bend it. Bend the tongue in the shape of a pipe. Then inhale and turn the tongue inward.
  • Will stop the breath for some time, then slowly exhale the breath out of the nose.
  • This pranayama has to be done 15 times.

Kapol shakti vikasak pranayama

If there is more fat on the cheeks or the face becomes dull, then this pranayama is very beneficial for them. Kapol Shakti Vikasak Pranayama is very beneficial for those people who have dark circles. Pregnant women can also do breathing exercises.

How to do:-

  • Keep your waist and neck straight.
  • Leave the shoulders relaxed.
  • Make knowledge mudra with both hands.
  • Keep the elbows absolutely loose.
  • Fill 2-3 breaths in and then exhale 2-3 breaths out.
  • Take a long deep breath in through your nose and slowly let it out through your mouth. Do this 2 times. After this your body is ready for Kapal Shakti Vikasak Pranayama.
  • Make lip powder. Like when taking selfies. This shape of the lips is called Kaki Mudra in yoga.
  • Breathe in with your hands. The lips are to be closed.
  • After this, chin locks it. This means that you have to put your chin on the chest area.
  • After filling the breath in this posture, stay for as long as you can, then slowly raise your chin while exhaling.
  • Do this action 5-6 times.


The cheeks have to be inflated when the breath is inhaled. Put pressure on the cheeks. After that chin lock has to be done.

By doing all these pranayamas, the glow of the face increases, as well as the oxygen level in the body, also increases. By doing this pranayama, you will not need any kind of beauty products. Due to pollution, the face becomes dull and tired, so by doing all these pranayamas, all the dead muscles of the face come out and the face glows. Removes carbon dioxide from the blood and improves oxygen levels in the body. Due to which the face glows.

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