We are Martial Art Extreme(MAE) and we are coming to bring in the fitness revolution in India as we have started our operations from the city of Joy, Kolkata. Martial Art Extreme is the brainchild of fitness icon Jerry Bola and we aim to bring in this revolution of bringing fitness to corners of the demographic that has never given fitness a serious thought. There are a lot of fitness options when it comes to online and offline fitness but there are a few factors that make our online exercise training programs unique. Let’s take a look at why we at MAE hope to change the fitness landscape in India with our vision. 

Fitness for all –

There has always been the practice of fitness in India but it has primarily been a sport dominated by men and while women in India are fit, most of the women have never considered fitness as something to spend time on because of their busy schedule. That is where our online fitness training programs come in because, without programs women, men, children as well as elderly people do not have to go out of their homes and travel a long time to reach a gym that is packed full when they can simply take out their smartphone and stream our online fitness training programs which have been divided into simple categories and challenges.  The only thing you have to do is to follow the routine and practice daily whenever you opt for a challenge.

Affordability –

People in India know the value of money and know what is beneficial to them without spending unnecessarily and that is why our online fitness training programs are one of the most affordable programs compared to every other online fitness program and is considerably less compared to a gym membership. We are not here to fill our pockets but we are on a mission to make India fit and that is why we are always geared towards making our fitness programs accessible and available to everyone because everyone deserves fitness.

Accessibility –

As India is moving towards desk jobs where most of the middle class is at a job that requires them to spend hours looking at a screen there is hardly any time to go to a gym or even practice alone at home without any guidance.  This is where our online fitness training programs such as the Challenger program as well as the Gladiator program and many other programs fit perfectly because the corporate employee can now tune into the best fitness training program in India from their smartphone and even screen-cast it to their smart TV and exercise at home before going to the office or after coming back.

Practicality –

There are a lot of fitness training programs out there but one of the things everyone seems to miss is the fact of practicality and we have kept that in our minds.  Our online fitness training programs do not require a lot of gear and a lot of space to do because not everyone has the extra money to spend on expensive gear.  When you are training with Jerry Bola you will be guided through every step of the process making fitness a simple thing to follow and considering a possibility that you never had considered before. 

These were a few of the important reasons why we at Martial Art Extreme(MAE) hope to change the fitness landscape in India. We are optimistic and we are enthusiastic about bringing fitness to your doorstep as well as your smartphone and that is why we suggest you check out our website.