Mandatory Questions to Ask Your Cosmetic Surgeon

If you have finally decided that you will be going ahead with your cosmetic procedure this is quite possibly an exciting time for you. However even experts agree that the most successful results from cosmetic procedures happen after well-detailed consultations, this usually means that your initial consultation should discuss certain factors at length. Every day thousands of patients all around the world have their initial consultations with their doctors and they are encouraged to come prepared with a list of questions that they must ask. If you do this you will be getting the most out of the session. There is no such thing as a wrong question and you should be asking some rather critical ones on your first chat with your doctor. Here are some of these. 

Are You Board Certified To Carry Out Cosmetic Procedures?

Wait, you think it’s rude to ask that? But you simply must. After all you are going to trust this person with changing your body forever right? When you find out that your doctor is board certified, you also know that they have the oral, clinical and written skills that are needed to carry out your reconstructive or plastic surgery carefully and correctly. Each country will have different bodies that will be responsible for certifying the doctors and you should make sure that you have no doubts about this factor at all. In Australia this would be the ASPS or the FRACS. 

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How many experiences Do You Have With The Procedure I Want?

A very experienced doctor may still not have handled too many of the procedure that you need done and that is why you should be asking this question. This will give you peace of mind more than anything knowing that he or she has experience in handling the exact procedure that you are looking to get done. See practice makes perfect and there is a difference in the skill level when a doctor has consistently carried out the same procedure over a 100 times. In the same spirit, you should also ask the doctors to show you the before and after pictures so that you can get a clear idea of the level of skill. 

What Kind Of Anaesthesia Am I Getting?

Going under the knife is serious even if there is no medical reason behind it and you should make sure that you know all the details before you make any final decisions about it. The type of anaesthesia that you will be given and the means by which it will be administered are both really important things that you simply need to know about. The type of anaesthesia that will be administered depends on your needs for the most part. The point of this being given to you is to ensure that you are comfortable and safe and to help the doctor carry out the procedure without any kind of distraction. The majority of minor procedures will be done under local anaesthesia but the major procedures or anything to do with a slightly more anxious patient or a patient who chooses to not be awake during the procedure will be done with general anaesthesia.