5 major modules of the ideal Pharmacy store Software

medical store software

In this post, we are going to discuss the 5 major modules that are provided by the ideal pharmacy management software to improve the working. The pharmacy information system needs to store all the crucial things such as data and information, drug quantity, medication, usage control and much more. The link between medical and IT is growing with each passing day. 

The major reason behind using the medical store software is to assist the pharmacist to carry out the safe and secure transfer of medical products. The manual activities are not always effective and hence some extra support and core functions are required to carry out the duty. Without waiting much, let u directly jump over to the 5 major modules of the system. 

Notifications and alert messages

The pharmacy management software allows the pharmacist to schedule the messages that need to be sent to the customers. These messages can be gentle reminders or schemes or special discounts. It can help to make customers aware before their prescriptions run out. The customers can also respond to the pharmacist and inform him to refill if required. This helps to connect with the customers easily, keep in touch and provide satisfaction. 


The pharmacy industry is required to communicate with multiple patients on daily basis and the medical store software needs to store all the required information. The stored data might be required to improve the business strategies. The software can help to generate e-reports that can be used during inspection or certification. The reports offer deep insights into the operations in the pharma industry. The reports can also help to distinguish among the patients who refill the products frequently which can help to stock accordingly. 

Managing the users 

The feature of pharmacy management software allows the user to have restricted access. The access to the features can be kept limited for different users as per their position in the business. The software mainly allows two types of users: administrator user and administrator authentication user. The first type of user controls the purchase and sales process, check the stock and list the required medicines, and perform much more tasks. The other type of user is allowed to view all the processes including transactions, selling reports, manipulation of data, medicine stock. 

The software feature helps to track routine activities and generate everyday accounts. 

Support multiple stores at different locations

The medical store software allows the users to manage the data at multiple locations. All the different units of the business can collaborate and the data, sales, stock, returns, and much more can be viewed of all the stores. The overall reports can help to understand the entire chain of stores giving an overview of loss, profit, stock and much more. 

Electronic prescription

The prescriptions are crucial in the field of pharmacy, and any mistake in such can create confusion among the patients. The manual prescription can include the manual errors resulting in major issues. The e-prescriptions can be considered are a user-friendly option and reduce the risk of errors. 

Such prescription can be used by the pharmacy to carry out the refills and allow the users to send refills directly. 


These were 5 major modules of an ideal pharma management software that can help the users to carry out the tasks efficiently and accurately. These modules not only perform automated tasks but also help to perform the activities easily. 

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The pharmacy information system needs to store all the crucial things such as data and information, drug quantity, medication, usage control and much more.

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