Lose Weight While At Office Step By Step Process

it’s the middle of your workday and you’re starting to feel sleepy what can you do to instantly energize the rest of your afternoon. Just follow the steps given below:

Step 01:

let’s get moving so step nice and tall with your shoulders back and down take a deep breath to inhale and exhale I’d like you to start by moving your head side to side so take your head one-way centre and another way. 

Keep moving with my side to side bringing some motion back to the neck we’re going to move through easy exercises.

You can do seated at your work desk to energize your day and increase and improve your performance good one more side aside return to centre. Take your ear to one shoulder and return and switch that feels good keep moving through that to centre and side centre notice the stretch you feel and work with your breath to make things feel even better. 

One more side of thin and last woman good take it to one side and hold reach your arm and grab your neck lightly and gently pull extend your opposite arm down to the side, inhale deeply exhale completely return to centre and release try the other side. Ear goes to shoulder hand gives you a gentle tuck reach the hand down and breathe inhale and exhale.

Step 02:

A good return to centre and release the arms reach arms in front of you clasp your hands, palms press out round your spine drop your chin to your chest and as you inhale reach your arms over towards your ears good try that again exhale, round the upper back and you’ll reach open the chest good and again round it is amazing how much exercise energizes you round and reach well just two more rounding’s down and reaching up last one rounding down reach up and hold good elbows down to the side and reach the arms up to work with your breath.

 I like to exhale down inhale up exhale down and inhale up two more nice and strong watch your posture and inhale the last one exhale and inhale take your elbow and bring your back of your hand to the back of your head feel the triceps stretch there and inhale deeply exhale completely, hold the stretch here our triceps get so tight with everything .

we do taking the time to stretch the triceps can help relieve shoulder and elbow pains plus it just feels really good take one more deep breath here, and exhale pulling up through the tummy try to tilt over to one side moving away from the elbow that’s in the air you’ll feel a nice stretch through the late here and increase the stretch you feel in your triceps you’re doing great.

Step 03:

Bring it back to centre and release let’s try the other side, so arm goes up back up and touches the back of the neck grab hold of the elbow and sit up nice and tall triceps, stretch notice if you feel a difference in the stretch between one arm to the next inhale deeply and exhale completely again we’re going to try and hold the stretch 30 seconds, it should feel really good and allow you to feel a little looser and more limber through your arms and shoulders let’s try that side bend here, so inhale up and as you exhale tilt over away from the elbow in the air feel a nice stretch to the side of your body and breathe well come back to centre and release the arms from here take your hands by your chair and just start to pick one knee up and switch so our goal is the energy we want to get moving and even if you’re not standing, you can still bring the energy into your body without your co-workers even noticing that you’re exercising so just pull the knee up and watch how you engage your abs as you do this postures great shoulders are down and back and you’re thinking positive awesome thoughts good just one more each side.

Step 04:

let’s try both knees so engage the tummy pulse fees up to and down okay this is actually difficult and good workout abs in and down now again if this is too much with both legs you can return to the single leg that we did previously but I’m loving the tummy tuck that.

I feel the ab work and my heart rates definitely pick it up good let’s do two more and the last one now sit up nice and tall move to the edge of the chair if you need to and kick one leg out and centre you might want to lean back a little bit further to do this because as you move you’ll notice your abs are starting to work which is great because we know that strong abs improve our posture and helped relieve lower back and hip pain.

Step 05:

So if you look pretty awesome good so one foot forward now you can stay with single legs or if you have space the energy for it let’s try to so extent and then okay definitely working hard now and I not left my office chair you’re doing great.

let’s do two more and last one good from here I’d like you to sit at the edge of your chair and engage your tummy control all you’ll do for me squeeze the tummy muscles and release and squeeze and release I know you feel funny but school youth you feel it don’t you and releases let’s try one more squeeze and release now try the same with the bottom so squeeze the bottom and release good squeeze make sure you’re making a funny face, 

I think that makes it better and release try it again. Engage your glutes it’s actually hard and releases left one engage and release the nice job take a deep inhale up exhale fold forward hinging at your hips good do that again inhale reach exhale fold inhale reach exhale fold inhale reach exhale fold inhale reach up and hold and this time.

I want you to bring one arm down and one arm up twisting in the spine bring it back up to centre and try that again reaching down so often centre our lower back twist gets really tight throughout the day and up so doing simple movements like the seated twist can help loosen things up and ease pain in tension stress causes paying attention to and exercise has been shown to relieve stress so you’re on a good track right now. 

Let’s do one more each side and the left one and centre from here take your hands by your side and cross one leg over like you’re sitting like a lady reach the opposite arm up in the air and twist over towards the knee sit up nice and tall pull your belly in good come back to canter release the cross of your legs and try the other side cross like a lady lift the opposite arm up inhale and exhale twist over looking over your opposite shoulder feel the release feel the stretch take a deep breath and enjoy it.

Step 06:

Come back to centre and uncross the legs now cross your legs like a guy so you’re going to put your ankle on your knee flex your foot open your hip towards the side lift up nice and tall stay here or fold forward and stretch those hips are you amazed.

 we have not even stood up yet and you’ve exercised it’s pretty awesome little things go a long way, so notice the tip stretch enjoy it and I hope it makes your day so much better good lift up let’s try the other side so switch opposites ankle on the knee flex the foot so nice and tall you can stay here or hinge forward for more this is also a great one to do on the bus or on a plane to open those hips and relieve some stress that comes from sitting good you’re almost there take a nice inhale and exhale good sit up uncross. 

The crossing of your legs last thing we’ll do today is inhale reach the arms up and clasp the fingers press the palms towards the sky reach tall good from here till over towards one side feel the stretch come back to centre engage your tummy muscles 2:12 over towards the side good and canter take your hands behind your head.

Open the chest good and release the arms so those are simple exercises that you can do while seated at your desk for improved energy and performance.

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