Dermatologist-Recommended 5 Skin Treatments For Healthier Skin

Skincare is related to a million different things from natural remedies to invasive and non-invasive skin treatments, eyebrow treatments, anti-ageing treatments etc. These skin care regimes are related to the age of an individual. 

It is important to know the right skin treatment according to your age, if you are below 20 years of age try not to apply heavy makeup and anti-ageing cream. The best treatment for your skin is drinking regular water, sunscreen and moisturiser. People of 20 to 30 age could start with photo facial, LED light mask, Hyaluronic Acid Fillers etc. And if you are above 30 your skin would require extra attention and care. For flawless skin in your late thirties, you can seek help from your dermatologist and get a skin boost treatment.     

Best Skincare Treatment For Flawless Skin 

Dermatologists usually recommend including vital nutrients in food that help in reinventing the skin. However, sometimes the skin does not get the vitamins it deserves for this you can try these treatments. Try these treatments to attain the glow and beauty of your skin, these treatments would make the skin look younger and wrinkle-free

1- Skin Booster Treatment 

The skin booster treatment is used to inject vital nutrients to the skin that gives it a younger look and reduce pigmentation, acne mark and fine lines. The process of this treatment is completely non-invasive and there is almost no pain while your skin is injected with hyaluronic acid. Because the face naturally consists of this vital element in the skin epidermis the body does not resist the hyaluronic acid. After the skin booster treatment, you get better elasticity, a single tone, and a natural glow on the skin. If there are ageing signs on your skin this treatment is highly recommended.   

2- Carbon Peeling 

A very popular option when it comes to skincare treatments. As the name suggests this is a simple peel of carbon. In this process, a thin layer of carbon powder is applied to the face that is heated from a laser by the skincare expert or dermatologist. When the layer of carbon is removed your skin looks rejuvenated instantly as it has an immediate effect on the skin. Carbon exfoliates the skin, removes blackheads, reduces pores, minimises wrinkles, and improves skin tone. The process involves no pain and has great results that leave you feeling satisfied and happy.  

3- Mesotherapy 

The skincare treatment is also known as Meso Glow. This treatment would help you to get the skin radiance back in just one therapy. With age, skin can lose its natural bounce and it looks saggy. This procedure uses a micropuncture technique, that is, microneedles or wires inject brightening and tightening agents to the skin. Some of the elements used in Mesotherapy are, tranexamic acid, glutathione, hydrating agents, required vitamins and minerals, these elements treat pigmentations and give a youthful finish to the skin which makes the face look refreshed and plump.  

4- Photorejuvenation

Going for a photo facial might seem out of place but dermatologists recommend this treatment for better skin conditions. This treatment uses lasers, photodynamic therapy or pulsed light to remove pigmentations, wrinkles and spots from the face. If you go for a photorejuvenation treatment your face gets a single tone and better texture, it not only reduces acne spots but removes large pores to avoid the formation of acne. A fractional laser is used in therapy to attain the best version of your skin. It is recommended to contact a skincare specialist before going for the treatment.  

5- Oxy Facial 

There is no denial that oxygen is as essential for our skin as it is for our lungs. If your skin lacks oxygen it would look pigmented, dark and dull. Within the procedure of an oxy facial, a facial jet blows oxygen to the pores and deeply cleans dust and oil from the skin. The facial is not only beneficial for the skin but it is relaxing for the body. Oxygen can clear the skin and provide an optimal condition to your face. The treatment takes around 15 to 45 minutes which makes it even more popular for skincare treatment. With no side effects, injections or surgery your skin looks younger and brighter. There is no problem of redness or irritation while going for this facial. You can go for this treatment once every month.  


If you are looking for a dermatologist-tested skin care treatment you can definitely try one of these. However remember that every skin type is different from each other and before directly going to the salon and injecting vitamins you should consult your dermatologist and know the requirements of your skin and then take the treatment depending on it. You can take the treatment regularly or as recommended by the skincare expert.