Importance of Gynecologists in Women’s Health

A major part of a woman’s health is her reproductive health. As puberty hits a girl and her menstrual cycle starts, medical attention to her becomes crucial. Moreover, it doesn’t end there but goes till the menopause and beyond. There are many events like pregnancy and delivery, and some risks as well, like cancers, which need a doctor’s attention. That’s where the role of a gynecologist comes in. For a woman, they are one of the most important doctors, and we are going to discuss why in this blog. 

Who is a gynecologist?

Just like there are doctors specialized in various disciplines, a gynecologist is also a medical doctor specializing in women’s reproductive health. In simple terms, they are the health professional who looks at everything about a woman’s reproductive and related organs like the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina, and breasts. They undergo extensive training where they learn to diagnose reproductive health issues and treat them as well. 

Some of the common problems they deal with are menstrual issues, menopause, fertility issues, pregnancy-related issues, sexually transmitted infections, etc. A woman goes through multiple phases in her life. During each phase, there is something that makes it important to get the gynecologist’s attention. So, let’s look at some of the roles of gynecologists in different phases of women’s lives. 

Role of a Gynaecologist in Women’s Health 

  1. Preventive care and regular checkups

Preventive care for women has become very crucial as there are many diseases whose risk has increased over the years. Cancers are also among these diseases, and for women, uterine and breast cancer have become more common than ever. As of today, the chances of a woman getting diagnosed with breast cancer is 12%, which back in 1940 was just 5%. That’s why routine checkups and preventive checkups are important. 

Here, gynecologists are directly involved in these routine checkups as they specialize in diagnosing cancers related to reproductive organs and other health issues. 

  1. Pregnancy care

Gynecologists also play an important role in pregnancy. Not only do they guide the couples in choosing the time to get an infant based on the mother’s health condition, but they also help keep the baby’s and mother’s health optimum throughout the pregnancy. 

In India, the infant mortality rate in 2021 was 25.5 deaths per 1000 births. It is a drastic decrease compared to the previous few years. Here, the gynecologists have a crucial role as they help the mother to choose their diets wisely during pregnancy and avoid food that’s not good for the women and the babies in their womb. 

Also, they guide women to keep their lifestyle productive and active during pregnancy with exercises that make childbirth less risky. Ultimately, these are the reasons why a gynecologist is important for pregnancy care. 

  1. Contraception Consultation 

Sexual activities are important for women and their relationship with their partners. However, these activities can end up in unwanted pregnancies if contraception is avoided. However, using contraception is also something that women or their partners should discuss with the gynecologist. They suggest the best ways for contraception based on a female’s health status, lifestyle, and reproductive goals. For example, many contraceptive methods may not be good for those who want to conceive a baby in the future. 

  1. Menstruation and menopause guidance

First, let’s talk about the menstrual cycle. This monthly event comes with many mood swings and other symptoms. However, many symptoms should not be present during women’s menstruation period. But, women mostly misinterpret them as common period problems like unbearable period cramps. In such cases, a gynecologist is the best person to seek guidance from. 

If you’re experiencing unusual symptoms or persistent discomfort during your menstrual cycle, it’s advisable to consult a gynecologist. If you’re in Noida and seeking a gynecologist, consider visiting a best gynecologist clinic in Noida for professional advice and care

Similarly, when a woman’s menopause has come, many symptoms occur earlier than the pause. These symptoms are uncommon, which may confuse a woman about what’s happening to her body. That’s why gynecologists are trained to guide women through their menopause symptoms, including how to react to and deal with them. 

Final Words

In conclusion, gynecologists play crucial roles in women’s healthcare. They are crucial at every stage of a woman’s life, be it the start of menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause. Moreover, for elderly women who are at greater risk of catching breast cancer, gynecologists are even more important after menopause.