What Should You Do If Your Kid Swallowed Mouthwash?

Mouthwash is a standard oral hygiene product; almost all of us use it for various purposes. Some people use it after dinner to disinfect their teeth while others use it as a mouth freshener. Moreover, dentists also prescribe mouthwash to dental patients to relieve seething pains or discomfort in gums and jaws.

Mouthwash is usually safe if you use it for gargling or to spit it out afterward. But sometimes, kids swallow mouthwash accidentally, either when using it to relieve their tooth pains or as a mouth freshener. 

It can be a scary experience for parents to find out that their kid has accidentally swallowed a teaspoon of mouthwash while using it for specific dental indications. Since mouthwashes do contain some chemicals, including Peroxide

Essential Oils, Chlorhexidine, and Fluoride, fight various dental issues and keep our oral hygiene correct; you shouldn’t consume them.

What To Do If Your Kid Accidentally Swallowed It?

You must have seen that most medicines warn against keeping children out of reach. The same goes for mouthwashes too. As far as possible, keep it safely under your drawer, out of your kid’s reach. Though swallowing a residual amount of mouthwash after rinsing your mouth may not be harmful, consuming a large amount of mouthwash can be problematic for anyone doing so.

The intake of small amount of mouthwash is unlikely to affect your health. But suppose anyone swallowed a large amount of mouthwash. In that case, it might lead to health issues, including stomach upset, feeling of inflammation in your throat, indigestion, vomiting, and other problems. So, if you notice or come to know that you kid has swallowed a large amount of mouthwash, you must reach out to a Modesto kids dentist immediately.

It would be best if you didn’t panic or ask your kid to vomit. It will only make the situation more stressful. Before visiting a dentist, letting your kid rinse their mouth with fresh water at least six or seven times is safe. Make sure you pacify your kid if they cry because of the irritation of the throat.

How Much Is Too Much?

Consuming more than a couple of teaspoons of mouthwash can make your kid feel discomfort in the throat and stomach. Sometimes, children start drinking it from the bottle, thinking it is syrup or chocolate. It can make them sick or give rise to health issues in them. Some kids also start feeling increased heartbeats or palpitations, respiratory problems, and nausea. In such a case, you must rush to your nearest pediatric dentist Modesto.

In Conclusion

At any time, if you notice or sense that your kid has swallowed mouthwash out of curiosity while playing or using it for dental issues, you need to find out how much they have consumed. By looking at the quantity left in the bottle and comparing it to how much it was there last time, you’ll get an idea of the amount of mouthwash that your kid has swallowed. You need to call a Pediatric Dentistry Modesto to get help and understand what actions you should take next. You need to follow their instructions and get your kid admitted to a hospital if required.