How to Put Care towards the Health of Skin?

Is your skin oily, dry or sensitive, no matter what your skin type is? The important thing is to have a proper skincare routine.

In this blog, we shall learn how one should incline towards the skincare routine, according to the skin type. The routine will be mentioned as per the additional help and support in financial form through direct lending. 

How to identify your skin type?

To know this, you need to wash your face with a mild cleanser. Avoid applying any product or makeover. You then need to wait for the upcoming thirty minutes to see how your skin feels life. It will tell the type of skin you have.

There are five types of skin:

  • Oily skin- this type of skin is very greasy and gives an out shiny look.
  • Dry skin- this type of skin looks and feel rough, itchy and flaky.
  • Normal Skin- if your skin looks smooth, shiny and clear, then it is normal.
  • Combination skin- in this skin type, some areas are dry while some patches of skin remain oily
  • Sensitive skin- if you experience any redness, burning sensation, and a patchy appearance presenting the affected areas, this indicates that you have sensitive skin.    

What kind of skincare routine required for day and night?

Morning time skin care routine

The morning skin care routine is all about prevention and protection. When you are at outdoors, there are the maximum chances that your skin gets exposed to sun and pollution. 

Therefore, it is then required to apply moisturizer and sunscreen. It is must to go with the several moisturization processes. You can take doorstep loans in Ireland to submit a best moisturizer therapy. 

The morning skincare routine is very simple, though. It involves cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and sunscreen application. 

  • Cleansing removes dirt and impurities from your skin 
  • Toning restores the pH level of the skin after washing. If you do not use a toner, that is fine because many facial cleansers come with the best quality and not mandatory to apply toner on the face. You can skip this procedure. You can take the help of cash to door loans.
  • Moisturizers help hydrate the skin and form a protective layer to protect from environmental pollution. 
  • Sunscreen application is the last step but important also. It protects the skin from Ultraviolet radiations.  

Night time skin care routine

The basic steps of night-time skincare routines involve makeup removal, cleansing, spot treatment, serum application and moisturizing. 

  • To remove the makeup, you can use any of the makeup removers. 
  • Clean your skin with a gentle cleanser that can extract extra oil, dirt or makeup residues and remove them from the skin.
  • Spot treatment or serum application depends on the need of your skin type. If you have blemishes and acne breakouts or have worries with anti-ageing concerns, there are specific serums. 
  • Nighttime is the best time to apply these serums because the maximum reparation program takes place inside the skin when we sleep. It brings restoration that can only happen at night time.    
  • Rich moisturization is the last step of skincare because it makes a protective core to prevent water evaporation while you sleep. 

Skin care for oily skin

  • You need to use any foaming cleanser. Look for the ingredients that must be contained in your foaming cleansers like Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Witch Hazel. Use provident loan and apply online to buy expensive but natural products. 
  • You need to wash your face twice a day as washing several times in a day can lead to most of your skin dehydration chances. This also brings the skin to produce the maximum oil.
  • In terms of using a moisturizer, you can use water or get-based moisturizer. Make sure that your skin product, whether it has oil-free content and is with the non-comedogenic label.    
  • Using sunscreen, use a physical sunscreen in which zinc oxide and titanium dioxide like ingredients are present. They are matt finished and good for the health of oily skin. 

Skin care for dry and sensitive skin

  • If you have dry and sensitive skin, you can use a soap-free cleanser because soap can strip off natural oils from the skin. It is considered advisable that you must o with soap-free cleansers.
  • You can also do this at night time so that you can remove the dirt and in the morning time, you need to rinse off your face with lukewarm water.  
  • Do use the skin products that contain parabens, colourants, alcohol and fragrance-free. 
  • Moisturization is the most crucial step herein also in dry skin. It is best to apply a moisturizer within 3 minutes of washing face/ bath. 

Myths related to skin care routine with the last discussion

People follow home remedies like lemon juice, garlic, baking soda, toothpaste etc.  They are not healthy for all skin types. Lemon juice is acidic in nature, and it may irritate your skin. It may also bring black spots after sun exposure.  

Use all the things according to healthy skincare advisor’s perception to get specific insights for healthy skin

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