Natural Health and Beauty: How to Look Your Best with Natural Means

Natural Health and Beauty

We all know that chemical-laden products aren’t always the best solution for our skin; in fact, many of them may be doing more harm than good. Luckily, there are natural alternatives to some everyday beauty problems that can help you get the healthy glow we all want without the chemicals. In this natural health and beauty blog post, some of my favorite ways to achieve a healthy and captivating look with natural means are given below.

Look Your Best with Natural Means

Add oxygen to your hair: Oxygenated water is found in nature and helps your hair grow faster while keeping it shiny and soft. It also helps combat dandruff and scalp problems. Find a bottle of oxygenated water that is natural, organic or safe to drink at your local store. To add more oxygen to your hair, put a few drops of this liquid in the palm of one hand and rub your hands together from scalp to ends until all the drops have been absorbed by the hair.

Give some color: Look for natural dyeing alternatives like henna, which is known as a potent hair colorant. Mix it with other ingredients or Nature’s Own henna paste today and see what amazing effect you have on your color.

Try a natural scrub: Focus on exfoliating and removing dead skin from your face and body with natural options like sugar and baking soda. These items can be found in nearly every kitchen cabinet.

Protect your skin from the sun: On days when you’ll be outside in the sun, find a sunscreen that is either mineral based or soy based. Just check the ingredients to see which one you’ll need – if your sunscreen doesn’t have ingredients listed, it’s probably mineral-based, which is better for you. Soy-based sunscreens are good too because they contain a UV-absorbing ingredient called ‘Bio-Tec’.

Try a natural hair conditioner: Hair conditioning treatments are made from plant sources that can be found in your kitchen. You can mix together ingredients like chamomile, lemon juice and dill seed for a rich and nourishing hair treatment. This will also help reduce the need for heat styling tools and protect your hair from damage caused by using them.

Enrich your skin with vitamins: Vitamins will make your skin glow and look healthy; it’s a good idea to include a few of these vitamins in your daily beauty routine. Take vitamins A and E and add them to your diet or look for a skin cream with some of these vitamins added.

These are just a few ways that I have found to look healthy and beautiful using natural means. I believe that it is important to give our bodies a break from chemicals once in a while, particularly around our faces where we get the most daily abuse. If you can find one or two ways to use natural products like those discussed above, you will not only feel healthier, but your skin tone will improve and become more even.

Though the skin is the primary organ of the body, by far the largest portion (almost 8 lbs. in a man, 7 lbs. in a woman) is made up of fat, and all of it has to be removed for the skin to be of any use in healing. The skin is necessary as a protective layer from heat and cold, light and weather, etc., but the drying process used for preserving hides makes it uselessly hard and brittle unless subsequently treated with such remedies as will cause it to soften.

Friction alone is not sufficient to soften the dry skin; it must be changed by a chemical agent that dissolves its fiber more or less completely. This can be accomplished only by steeping or soaking the hide in water containing carbonate of soda (sodium carbonate). Sodium carbonate, when dissolved by the water, binds with the proteins of the skin and makes it soft and pliable. This action is likely to take place more slowly if calcium ions (i.e., calcium hydroxide) or magnesium ions (magnesium hydroxide) are added to the water.

The result of soaking for a day or two in this liquid is that the skin becomes limp enough to be easily draped over a frame, a little longer soaking will make it sufficiently soft to fit exactly into any desired shape without wrinkle or crease.

You can preserve a hide in this manner for long periods of time by keeping it cool in some form of air-tight container. Any sudden exposure to heat should be avoided, however, as it makes the skin brittle, etc.

The chemicals previously referred to can be obtained from a good pharmacy or chemical supply house. The carbonate of soda is also known as washing soda. This was formerly the chief constituent of soap and was called “soda ash.” It is now used mostly in making glass and paper, and in a great many other industrial processes; hence it is not always easy to obtain at first hand. Calcium hydroxide is used in making dry cell batteries and magnesium hydroxide in making fire extinguishers. Both are handled by chemical supply houses or by retailers dealing in these products.

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