How to get chubby cheeks

There are a lot of things that people like about their bodies. Having a round face very much depends upon how much muscle is there on your cheeks. Especially the women, they are very curious about how to get chubby cheeks. In many surveys, it has been revealed that most of the females around the world want this feature on their faces.

Almost everyone is chubby in their childhood but as they grow, the shape of their body starts changing. These changes also affect the facial appearance of those people. And if you are the one who wants to know about how to get chubby cheeks, this blog is for you.

The problem is there are many ways to get chubby cheeks but most of the people can’t afford all the ways that are suggested in most places. There are surgical solutions too, but no one would like to try them. As such solutions are very costly and require long enough free time along with several other health risks. Here, we will talk about some of the natural ways that would help you in getting chubby cheeks. Just go through this list and see which method suits you the most.

1. Milk is very important:

Milk is a very essential ingredient for healthy skin. If you are the one searching how to get chubby cheeks. Milk is a very rich source of riboflavin, protein, amino acids. Drinking milk daily will help you a lot in getting soft, glowing skin. You should also ensure that skin on your face is moisturized all the time. Apply milk on your cheeks to do it. Milk will also help in removing harmful items from your skin.

2. Honey is also very beneficial for your skin:

Honey possesses considerable anti-bacterial properties that can protect your skin against harmful bacteria. There is a recipe that would help you make a paste. Follow the instructions mentioned below to prepare it:

  • Take some honey in a bowl.
  • Then, take an equal amount of papaya by volume.
  • Mix them both together until a perfect paste is prepared.

Now, apply this paste on your cheeks thoroughly and wait for at least 10 minutes after your massage is complete.

After 10 minutes wash your face with fresh water.

If you are searching about how to have chubby cheeks, this solution will work the best.

Don’t only apply it, take honey in your diet regularly. You should eat some amount of honey every day to get the most benefits. Honey is a very important material that can provide you smooth and healthy benefits turmeric skin.

3. Use Apple:

Apple contains a considerable amount of elastin, collagen. It is also rich in antioxidants. All these ingredients make apple very important for soft and glowing skin. You should apply apple on your face regularly to get chubby cheeks. Here is how you can do it.

  • Grind an apple to make a paste.
  • Apply that paste on your face and wait for at least 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, wash your face gently and thoroughly with fresh water.

You must have heard about the popular saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Eating apples on a regular basis is also very important for getting chubby cheeks.

4. Eat Aloe vera:

Eating aloe vera is very beneficial in improving the elasticity of your facial muscles. Ultimately, it will help you in getting chubby cheeks. Many research journals have revealed that consuming about a spoon of aloe vera for about 90 days will help you a lot in gaining healthy, glowing skin.

5. Try some facial exercises:

For those who are searching about how to get chubby cheeks, some facial exercises are very effective. Here we will mention the direction for a simple exercise that you can do anywhere.

  • Fill your mouth with air up to the limit.
  • Keep that air in your mouth for at least 45 seconds.
  • After 45 seconds, release that air slowly.


You may try all the methods mentioned above based on your convenience and requirements. The best part of the solutions mentioned above is that you won’t face any side-effects. One thing that you have to care about it that everyone has a different body composition. A technique that suits best on somebody can harm someone else severely. You should analyze your health and physique carefully before trying anything like it. The shape and size of your body depend a lot on your genetics. And no matter what you do to make a change in your body, you can’t escape your genetics. Don’t force your body to its limits if you are not getting results as positive as someone else. No matter what ways and medicines we have suggested in this article, if you feel any difficulty after trying these solutions, you should immediately stop and contact your doctor. It is highly recommended to be frank with your doctor while describing the history of your ailment.

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