How to Find the Best Pain Clinic in Edmonton?

Choosing a pain clinic in Edmonton can be an overwhelming task considering the number of options available. It is always a good practice to ask around for the recommendation from your friends, neighbors, and colleagues, but ultimately the final decision is yours that is best suited to your needs.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Considering Pain Clinic in Edmonton

A pain clinic you go to is responsible for managing your health and improving the lifestyle. So, the decision must be taken with a clear evaluation. Follow the tips given below to find a suitable option:

Ask For Referrals

You can start the process by getting referrals from your doctor or ask around your friends, neighbors, and other healthcare providers. Once the list of the referrals has been made, call the clinics, and get appointments. You can interview the expert physio to see if they are suitable for your needs.

Look for the Doctor’s Credentials

To check the credentials of the physiotherapist in the pain clinic, look for their board certification. It is the most credible source in evaluating the outcome of the pain clinic. When the relevant programs and courses are taken by the therapist, it proves they have the relevant skills and experience to provide what’s best for you.

Furthermore, check if the doctors in the pain clinic have been involved in any malpractices or not. This information can be found on the internet, or you can ask around from the previous patients (if possible).

Consider the Experience of Doctor

Experience should be taken into consideration when choosing a pain clinic for your chronic or acute pains. The more experienced doctor means the chances of success of the treatment will be high. If you need treatment for nerve block, you can ask the doctor about the procedure and the potential risk involved with it. The way the doctor handles these situations also helps in determining their experience, and you can ask the doctor about how many patients they have treated before.

Consider Gender

While choosing a pain clinic, it is important that you feel comfortable with the respective doctor assigned to your case. Pain medicine doctors are now more skilled in caring for both genders differently. Ask your doctor about their experience in treating the issues related to your condition and gender.

Ask For the Tele-Heath Capabilities

Through telehealth technology, many health care providers can now diagnose and treat patients effectively. The medium for telecommunication can include two-way video, smartphone chats, or e-mail. This advancement in technology means fewer visits to the doctor’s office. 

This technology is also helpful in the follow-ups for minor complaints. “Regenerate Physio” in Edmonton offers its patients virtual assistance to cure their pain and injuries, there is no need to visit the office, you can contact the experts to get a customized plan. 

Assess the Communication Style

When you visit the pain management clinic evaluate the communication style of the doctor. If you feel comfortable talking to them and satisfy with the way they convey information, you can choose them for the treatment. The doctor that shows interest in knowing your medical history and treats you well is more likely to give quick results.

Evaluate these things when you look for a pain clinic in Edmonton to get the best suitable option. In addition to these things, it is also important to see if the insurance covers the treatment you are pursuing. All the physio treatments are not covered in the insurance and it can get expensive without insurance. 

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