How to Create a Personal Digital Health Ecosystem

The pandemic has pushed everyone to live in the digital space. As physical distancing was enforced, teachers, students, employees, and healthcare professionals transitioned into the online environment. Some patients used teleconsultations, online medical assistance, and digital bill submissions in the health services sector, which prompted the popularity of digital health ecosystems. 

What is a digital health ecosystem?

A digital health ecosystem is an infrastructure that connects different digital service providers and transforms healthcare from an organization-centered model to a patient-centered one. 

personal digital health ecosystem

Healthcare has always been organizational-centered where patients are typically the ones who need to adapt to the systems. However, thanks to new technological developments, healthcare services now have a more patient-centered approach. Digital healthcare ecosystems provide a platform to document, monitor, and share your virtual health records with different healthcare professionals. 

Why is a digital health ecosystem important?

Nowadays, the usual healthcare systems only focus on short patient encounters and acute disease care. But, with digital health ecosystems, patients are at the center. They empower patients by enabling them to manage and monitor chronic conditions easily, prevent disease, and lower healthcare costs. 

With digital health ecosystems, different healthcare professionals can have access and get an extensive view of your records to better guide them in tailoring your treatment and medicine, reducing inefficiencies. 

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website, “Digital health tools have the vast potential to improve our ability to accurately diagnose and treat disease and to enhance the delivery of health care for the individual.” These tools include internet applications, smartphones, and social networks. “Together, these advancements are leading to a convergence of people, information, technology, and connectivity to improve health care and health outcomes.”

How to create your personal digital health ecosystem

Some healthcare providers offer digital healthcare ecosystems. However, if you don’t have access to these services yet, you can always create your digital health ecosystem using apps and devices that monitor your health and wellness. With this approach, you can record and manage your health information and then share it with healthcare professionals. 

Here are some health and fitness techs that can help you build your digital health ecosystem.


Most smartwatches in the market today offer health and fitness features, such as advanced health sensors. You can monitor your heart rate using a medical-grade electrocardiogram (EKG) tech. For Apple Watch users, Apple health and fitness features include fall sensors, sleep cycle trackers, and breathing reminders. 

Smart scales

Nowadays, weighing scales can do more than just weigh you. They can also check your muscle and bone mass, heart rate, body fat, and water percentage. The device can also keep a record of this information so that you can compare your vitals over time. It works with different apps like Apple Health, Samsung S Health, and Google Fit. 

Digital ring

A digital ring is a discreet device that uses heart-rate monitoring to collect data about your body and activity. Its main feature is tracking your sleep quality. The digital ring can track how long you’ve slept and how much you’ve moved around, as well as your breathing, temperature, and heart rate measurements. It also sends real-time data and feedback to your phone. 

Wireless blood pressure monitor

There are blood pressure monitors that come with an app and smart features. They can measure and record your blood pressure and allow you to share this data with your family or doctor.  

Maintain Health and Wellness at Home 

Technology has made significant progress in the healthcare sector. You no longer have to spend so much money to know about the basic state of your health. With a personal digital health ecosystem, you’ll be able to monitor, manage, and share your health data easily. You can take control and make the necessary adjustments to improve your health and effortlessly share your record with professionals.

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