Meditation Cushion: What Is It & How to Choose One?

As more people are becoming aware of the advantages of meditation, being in the now, and deep breathing, meditation is rising in popularity. Spending 30 minutes each morning in meditation can help the remaining day go more smoothly and lively. To make meditation an easy process and allows one to relax and be comfortable you should invest in a meditation cushion

Anybody who meditates will benefit significantly from using these pillows. The purpose of this pillow is to let you sit comfortably to maximize blood flow to all limbs. It will aware you fully and relax your mind and body.

Benefits of These Pillows:

When practicing meditation, there are several reasons why one might wish to utilize a meditation pillow. Let’s know some of them.

  • Utilizing a yoga pillow is essential because proper seating and relaxation go hand in hand while meditating. The pelvis will be raised with the hips above the knees. The spine is more likely to be aligned, thanks to these pillows’ ergonomic design.
  • You may improve your comfort levels by using a meditation cushion. It might be challenging to sit on the floor, and it gets considerably harder when one adopts a particular yoga position. 
  • Additionally, one may use the cushion to shield their body from the cold floor when it’s cold outside or in the winter season. 
  • One can feel steadier because of the additional height that meditation pillows provide. A zafu (meditation pillow) will assist one in various leg postures in the practice because the hips certainly aren’t the most flexible part of the body. 
  • These pillows are stuffed with the same materials used in typical head pillows. Therefore, they are very comfortable and soft. This makes it easy to meditate for a long time without feeling uncomfortable. 

Tips For Choosing the Right Cushion:

Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing any meditation cushion.

Size & Portability:

Choose cushions that are easy to carry and store. The cushion should not be too big as it can pose a problem to be lugged from one place to another. This is a necessary consideration in case one likes to meditate at a particular place or attends programs and classes of meditation and yoga. Also, the size should be perfect for you to use.


Ensure that the cushion is washable either by hand or by machine because the cushions are made of fabric, so they tend to get dirty after continuous usage. So, it is necessary to wash the cushions from time to time. So, choose a cushion that is made of washable fabric and covering. 

Types of Cushions: 

Zafu and Zabuton are the two main varieties of meditation pillows. Larger and shorter Zabuton cushions can provide a supportive spot for the knees to rest while meditating. Zafu cushions are often more compact and higher as they heighten the hips during practice. Depending on the overall needs and tastes, one may choose the meditation cushion they desire. 

The Shape of Cushions:

Out of the main two types of cushions, the large rectangular mats serve as Zabuton cushions most of the time. However, Zafu pillows are made in various shapes, the traditional Zafu cushions are rounded, and yoga, as well as meditation, can be practiced on rectangular bolsters. The U-shaped and V-shaped variations are suitable for avoiding back or hip discomfort. 

Height of the Cushions:

Zafu meditation cushion is available in various heights, many of which can be 5-inch. When selecting the cushion’s elevation, please consider one’s height and personal preferences. Pick a taller cushion in case you are on the taller side.


Choosing the right cushion for the meditation should not be taken lightly. One should feel comfortable while meditation as it helps heighten one’s senses and help stay concentrated.