How to choose the best Gynecomastia Surgeon?

Gynecomastia being a cosmetic surgery, has a lot of factors to be taken care of. So it would be best if you had an experienced and qualified surgeon for your Gynecomastia surgery. A wrong surgeon can cost you lifelong miseries. Though selecting the Right Surgeon for a Gynecomastia surgery is a challenging task. It shall take the experience of the doctor and the number of successful surgeries into consideration. Also, the cost of the surgery is a matter of concern.

Tips to Choose Gynecomastia Surgeon:

Certification – Always check whether they are appropriately certified or not. The Surgeon must be certified by IAPS (Indian association of aesthetic plastic surgeons). IAPS is a professional organization dedicated to uplift the cosmetic surgery standards of India. There are many IAPS certified Gynecomastia Surgeons in India.

Before and After Photos – This is the most used marketing technique for doctors. It is also useful for you, as it gives you a fair idea about the results you’re going to receive. So make sure to look for before and after photos. For example, the experience of a Gynecomastia Surgeon reflects in the photo gallery of their websites. While going through the photos, keep in mind that those are the best works of your Surgeon. By this, you can have a fair expectation. However, the surgery technique they use is more important than some great before/after photos.

Gynecomastia surgery

 Know the Post Surgery Condition of the patient – It is always wise to have a chat with the patient who already had the surgery done. Ask them about the Surgeon and the experience. Also, know what points they didn’t like and see if you’re okay with it or not.

Privileges – Whether it is a hospital or clinic, check all the hospital’s rights to be reassured. Hospitals only give the privileges to Surgeons with proper training and credentials to perform a surgery. Don’t forget to look whether they have the latest treatment facilities which will support your budget.

Conduct – The conduct between you and your Surgeon must be formal. The Surgeon must consider your emotions and feelings. He should be caring, sympathetic and should motivate you whenever you feel doubtful about the treatment.

Experience – It is undeniable that you will not prefer newbies to perform your cosmetic surgery. All you need is a well-experienced surgeon who has done several successful surgeries before. Don’t forget to check the testimonials.

Aesthetic Sense – The right Surgeon knows how and exactly where to make incisions. This makes sure that there are no visible scars left once the recovery phase is completed. All you need is skilled hands to get treated with. The Surgeon needs to be consistent with his operations after all.

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