How to Bid a Goodbye to Menstrual Problems

When a girl gets older, her body experiences overwhelming changes from inside and outside. Specific hormonal changes take place in their bodies. These changes even bring modification in their looks that make them different from boys. These hormonal changes also conclude in periods.

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Let us take a brief about periods, in a female reproductive part; there is an integral part called the Uterus, where the fertilization process of male and female gametes occurs to produce a zygote. This zygote develops to form an embryo, and eventually, it develops into a baby.

The process of periods

The uterus has an inner lining that supports and nourishes the baby at a developing stage. If there is no baby, the lining is shed during her period after a cycle of 28 days. The periods come out from the body as mucus and blood. During the menstrual period, a girl faces many emotional and physical problems due to the interplay of hormones.

Now we know that the ideal cycle is 28 days. A couple of days more is acceptable, although if your menstrual cycle is erratic and you do not get periods for months or get them twice a month, then there is a problem.

This can be caused by some factors that include;

  • too much stress,
  • fad diets,
  • excessive eating of junk foods,
  • high usage of plastic,
  • dependency on medication out of sync with the moon,
  • Cysts in the ovaries etc.

What is PMS?

Before we discuss the solution to irregular periods, let us go a week back when some women face premenstrual syndrome. You probably get some signs visible that your period is coming or not.

It is no big deal for most women, but the days before the periods are more challenging for others. If it is so wrong that it messes up with your daily life, then you might have PMS. Now it is in the public’s knowledge that PMS results from a sudden decrease in the estrogens level. Therefore, you need to balance your hormones.

The first thing is ‘no medication, please’. It might give you a short term benefit but in the long run versus the condition. Next time when you know that it is that time of the month, be proactive.

Stop that junk food outside. Sleep proper, work out regularly, meditate or do a few breathing exercises. That is all your body needs to balance the hormones.

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For irregular periods

The solution is straightforward yet highly effective. To resolve this, you need to do this thing.

  • Take one teaspoon of radish seeds, half teaspoon of black sesame seeds and half teaspoon of kale seeds.
    • Crush them mildly and put them in a pan with 1 and a half glass of water on low flame.
    • Let them boil until one-third of the water remains. Now strain the seeds out and let the water cool down to lukewarm, and have it slowly.
    • Drink it every morning 30 minutes before you are having your breakfast.

  Painful period and menstrual cramps

These problems are very common to all females. A lot of surveys have conducted on this, and observations are shocking. If painful periods are the case with you, you must know that painkillers are not the solution.

During periods Uterus contract so that it can push out impure blood. If you are experiencing unbearable pain, it is a sign of weakness and iron deficiency in the body. 

When we talk of medicinal solutions, we cannot forget the claims made by the Indian divine medical approach of Ayurveda. Following Ayurveda, pain and menstrual cramps sign high water deficiency in your body.

This implies that your body needs much water as it is dry inside and needs lubrication. This dryness could be due to the regular intake of green tea or coffee. Too many dry fruits and excessive indulgence in packaged and junk foods are the other factors that bring dryness to your body.

So now you better know what to avoid. It is imperative to lubricate the system from within. You can follow these simple rules:

  • Everyday oil your navel and nostril after bathing
  • Massage the body two to three times a week using sesame oil, especially the lower abdominal part.
  • On other days, head massage at night and sleep


The ultimate solution of this blog is for you to try it out for yourself and by yourself. Having said all this, I know it is easy to speak and tough to go through the pain of a period every month. Perhaps this is the reason that emotionally nature has made women much stronger than men.

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