How Stem Cell Therapy is Used To Treat Bone & Tendon Injuries

stem cell therapy

Tendons connect your muscles to your bones. They make your bones move as your muscles contract and relax. 

Your tendons can be damaged because of:

  • Overuse
  • Injury
  • Aging
  • Health conditions, such as arthritis, can damage your tendons. 

You can reduce the risks of tendon problems with a well-balanced workout routine.

What are Tendons?

A tendon is a rope of strong, tough, and flexible tissue. The purpose of tendons is to connect your muscles to your bones. Tendons allow us to move our limbs. Furthermore, they support preventing muscle injury by minimizing some of the consequences your muscles catch when you run, jump or do other actions.

Our body contains thousands of tendons starting from head to toes. Tendons cannot be easily torn but can be damaged when stretched to a certain point like a rope fiber.

Causes For Tendon Disorder

There are a group of factors that are responsible for a tendon disorder. Mentioned are some main causes which hold for tendon disorder:

  • Age factor
  • Overuse such as heavy lifting
  • Repetitive moments
  • Vibration
  • Wrong postures

Symptoms of Tendon Disorder Conditions

Warnings  and symptoms of tendinitis lead to happen at the point where a tendon connects to a bone and mainly include:

  • Pain is usually defined as a constant ache, especially when moving the injured limb or joint
  • Tenderness
  • Mild swelling

Common Tendons Disorder

The tendinitis can happen in any of our tendons but is most generally seen around our shoulders, elbows, wrist, knee, and heels. 

Some general names for these disorders include:

  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfer’s elbow
  • Pitcher’s shoulder
  • Swimmer’s shoulder
  • Jumper’s knee

General Treatments

  • Pain relievers such as aspirin, naproxen sodium (Aleve), or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) may ease discomfort linked with tendinitis
  • Corticosteroids. Most often your physician may inject a corticosteroid medication around a tendon to reduce tendinitis. Doses of cortisone diminish inflammation and can help relieve the pain
  • Physical Therapies
  • Surgeries

Best Permanent & Alternative Treatment To Surgeries

Stem Cell Therapy is the most advanced treatment option in the field of medical and also it is considered one of the safest and alternative treatments to surgeries and transplants. It holds the ability to repair, restore, and regenerate the dead cells and damaged tissues in the body by replacing them. Stem cells can transform into any type of cells in the body like muscle and nerve cells.

Stem cell treatment for torn tendons can help repair ligament, cord, or bone injuries such as in the rotator cuff or Achilles tendon. It also improves chronic and degenerative arthritis where the cartilage between the joints gets damaged. Stem cell therapy gives the body new cells to repair, restore, and regenerate tendon tissue, and it also helps diminish inflammation and discomfort through fast healing and recovery process. The procedure can be completed in a limited time and better option compared to tendon repair surgery.

If you have underlying tendon disorder conditions visit here to book your appointment today and online consultations from the certified stem cell therapy center. Stem cell therapy may be the best alternative to ease your tendon pain and help with fast healing.

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