How PT Can Help You Recover from a Serious Injury

Have You Suffered A Serious Injury?

No one likes being in pain or being unable to move like they’re used to moving. However, if you’ve suffered a serious injury, you might be dealing with these types of consequences.

Perhaps you experienced a fall or were involved in a car accident. Maybe you were snowboarding a black diamond when you should have stuck to the bunny hill, or simply tweaked something doing a seemingly easy activity. No matter the cause, some dedicated physical therapy efforts could vastly improve your quality of life if practiced regularly and safely.

Getting Started

If you’re new to rehabilitative therapy, be sure to mention this to your practitioner so they can walk you through your options and responsibilities. Essentially, you’ll want to choose a therapist based on good reviews and book an appointment. Bring all your existing medical documentation and be honest and upfront about your medical history, what brought you into the office, and what your pain levels and locations are. This is especially applicable if you’re looking for an auto accident chiropractor in Morrow, GA because they will want to know your history.

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Types of Physical Therapy Options

Today’s Physical Therapy practitioners have all sorts of tools in their toolboxes to get you up and running again. Services they offer may depend on their location and experience, so check out their website or talk to other patients or employees about how they practice physical therapy.

These techniques include, but are not limited to:

  • Manual Therapy – This is the most standard hands-on therapy technique used by practitioners.
  • Exercises & Stretching – They will assist you in learning and performing simple exercises and stretches designed to strengthen and soothe your injured area.
  • Heating & Cooling – Simply applying hot and cold to the affected area in the right rotation can greatly reduce recovery time.
  • Ultrasound Treatments – Applicable for more serious injuries, particularly in the knees.

Reasons You Should Consider Physical Therapy

  • Helps Decrease Recovery Time – Physical Therapy enables patients to concentrate specifically on their injured areas and allows the surrounding tissue, muscles, and ligaments to heal more quickly than staying stagnant.
  • You Will Learn Tools to Take Home With You – Part of the benefit of working with a hands-on practitioner is that they will give you exercises or stretches to work on in the privacy of your own home which will help you along the road to recovery even faster.
  • You Will Strengthen Your Injured Area (& Your Core!) – This is a two-part benefit because not only will you and your PT practitioner work on strengthening the muscles and areas around your particular injury, they will also often show you general core-building exercises that will increase your balance and improve your overall health and posture.
  • Prevents Any Repeat Injuries – One of the biggest dangers of both major and minor injuries is that you risk re-injuring yourself if you push it too hard or too fast. Having a professional assist with this timeline is essential.
  • Reduces Your Overall Pain – Once you are no longer just sitting with your pain and are actively trying to work on your injury and heal yourself, you will learn that your pain levels can dramatically improve with time.

Your Next Steps

What are you waiting for? If you are experiencing regular pain or a decrease in your mobility due to a major injury, take steps to find help as soon as possible. You could be experiencing easier days and peace of mind!

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