HIV testing- The entryway to treatment and support.

Timely HIV testing creates the gateway to treatment and cares for those who are in need. To make sure all is well, people should know about their HIV status and get the necessary treatment. HIV testing must be scaled up along with some of the practical approaches to deliverance.

HIV test Singapore helps determine whether a person is infected with HIV or not. It is a virus that makes your immune system weak and leads to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. At the same time, some of the HIV tests look for the antibodies in your immune system that is primarily produced because of the HIV infection, others look for the virus’s presence.

Researchers are continuously trying to enhance the test’s sensitivity and the time taken by the test to offer outcomes. Guideline for HIV test Singapore will change when there is improvement in testing.

Why should you go for HIV testing?

HIV testing is required for decreasing the HIV infection spread. There are many people who are not aware that they have HIV infection. Hence they will not take any precautions to prevent the spread of the virus to other people.

Early identification also assists in early treatment that might slow down the progression of the infection. It is highly recommended that everybody between the age of 13-64 must get tested for HIV. Testing is also essential for pregnant women because they can easily pass the virus to their unborn baby or while breastfeeding after delivery.

When do you need to go for HIV testing?

It would help if you went for HIV testing when you

  • Have unprotected sex
  • Have been diagnosed with STI.
  • Have shared any injecting equipment with others.
  • Worried about the infection and wish to keep your mind at peace.

HIV testing is one of the best ways to identify if you have an HIV infection. It is entirely normal to get worried about HIV, but HIV testing at an STD clinic Singapore or any other centres will decrease your anxiety.

How often should you test for HIV?

It is recommended that at least one HIV test for everybody between the age of 13-64 is required. Anyone with a high risk of infection should go for yearly testing. 

Other conditions when you should go for yearly HIV testing are

  • Had unprotected vaginal or anal sex with multiple partners or unknown persons after your last screening for the virus.
  • If you are a man who had sex with another man.
  • If you use some intravenous drugs like steroids, silicone or hormone.
  • If you are diagnosed with tuberculosis or STI like syphilis or hepatitis.

Other than the above reasons, consider testing for HIV if you

  • Have gone through sexual assaultation.
  • If you are pregnant.
  • If you are planning to get pregnant.

What should you expect from HIV testing?

HIV testing is usually done either through your blood sample or through a sample of cells taken with the help of a swab from inside your cheek. HIV test Singapore is different based on how quickly they can identify the infection. When you get the virus and the time when it can be easily detected, the period is known as the window period. It usually takes 3-12 weeks for the human body to make antibodies for HIV infection detection.

HIV test results can be obtained within a few days to a few weeks. There is also some rapid HIV test that can give outcomes in 20 minutes. No matter what type of HIV test is used, if you have an initial positive result, you should follow up with testing to establish an HIV diagnosis.

Rapid HIV testing

There are various rapid HIV testing that provides perfect information within 20 minutes. Such a test looks for antibodies by using either. 

  • A blood sample
  • Fluids that is collected on a pad rubbed on your gums.
  • A positive test result helps needs an extra test for confirming the outcomes.

HIV testing at home

Home testing mainly involves using a testing kit at your home. You can collect some oral fluid sample from your mouth with the help of a swab. You will get your results within 20 minutes. A positive result means you might need a follow-up test. 

The makers of the test provide personal counselling as well as referral for follow up testing sites.

Testing at clinics:

Many std clinics offer treatments for various STD infection, erectile dysfunction, and HIV testing facilities. During the initial HIV test Singapore, you will be offered a mix of HIV and antibody tests. If the result is positive, you will again be tested for an HIV antibody test. This second test lets you know the distinction between the two common kinds of HIV is HIV -1 and HIV 2.

If there arises a conflict between these two results, then a third test known as the HIV-1 RNA test looks directly for infection in your blood. No test can confirm the infection immediately after you are exposed. HIV test that offers the earliest outcomes are those

  • That look for antigens
  • Make an evaluation of your blood for the genetic material from the virus.

Test that detects the antibodies in your blood might take a long time. To get the best results, you must have been infected for a minimum of three weeks.


False-positive and false-negative test results also occur. Doctors make use of various tests in sequence till they confirm that whether you have the infection or not.

Negative test results

When you get a negative result for your HIV testing, then it means two things. Either you do not have the infection, or it is too soon to know after your exposure.

If it’s only a few days you were exposed to HIV, your test results will come negative for HIV antibodies. You will be required to be tested again for antibodies after three months, and till then, you can practice safe practices.

Positive test results

But if you test positive for HIV test on initial tests and follow up test, then it is confirmed that you are HIV positive.

Indeed, HIV is not curable, but treatment has come a long way in some past decades, offering an elongated and enhanced quality of life. If someone tests positive for HIV infection and receives upgraded treatment, then he/she can expect a near to everyday life. This is the reason HIV testing on time is essential. Early diagnosis and early treatment can make life easier for someone who has got an infection.

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