Essential Healthy Diet Tips to Recover After an Abortion 

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It is very essential to recover after an abortion. Abortion takes away half of your strength, mostly your inner strength, and it becomes hectic to do even the simplest of chores. It is advisable to take rest for a few weeks and not perform any strenuous activity that can result in cramping and bleeding.

If it’s the surgical abortion you have opted for, then your doctor gives you the proper healthcare regimen, but people who perform medical abortion (abortion with pills) or self-managed abortion at home, aren’t aware of the dietary requirements for the body post-abortion.

Read this complete blog and get to know some healthy diet tips for a fast recovery and post-abortion care. 

Healthy Diet Tips for Post-Abortion Care

Your body speaks to you, listen to what your body has to say. After abortion, your body needs complete rest and healing. You will experience physical as well as emotional distress. Look at what signals your body is giving. If you feel tired, take a rest, if you are hungry, eat, if you don’t like something, don’t have it, if you’re sleepy, sleep. Please do not push your body to do things it doesn’t want to do. 

Below we have curated a list of healthy diet tips to follow after the medical abortion:

  1. Stay Hydrated: Keeping your body hydrated is of utmost importance, as it will heal your body faster. Drinking as much water as your body needs, can flush out all the toxins in your body and make the healing process faster. Apart from water, you can also have soups, herbal tea, or fruit juices.
  1. Nutrients-Rich Foods: A nutrient-rich diet is essential for women’s overall health, especially after the medical abortion process. Nutrient-rich food includes:
  • Proteins – Eat foods that are rich in protein like chicken, lean meat, fish, eggs, lentils and beans, it helps in repairing the tissues that are damaged during the abortion process.
  • Dairy Products – Dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese provide the much needed calcium and Vitamin D to the body and improves your body health.
  • Vegetables and Fruits – Try to consume as much green vegetables as possible and colorful fruits, they are filled with antioxidants, vitamins and fiber, which is essential for your overall health.
  • Whole Grains – Food like whole-grain bread, quinoa, and brown rice can give the much needed energy, plus you will intake fiber.
  1. Iron-Rich Foods: Foods that are rich in iron and vitamins can help in replenishing the blood that is lost during the abortion. It also helps in producing the red blood cells that provide oxygen to your tissues and organs. Iron-rich foods include beans, tofu, and lean red meat.
  1. Healthy Fats (Omega-3 Fatty Acids):  Healthy fats are very helpful to your body. Foods with omega-3 fatty acid have anti-inflammatory properties that can speed up recovery and promote a healthy hormonal balance. These foods include fatty salmon, trout, flaxseeds, walnuts, avocados, almonds, and olives. Consuming healthy foods also improves your mental as well as emotional health.

Foods to Avoid After Abortion

While some foods can improve your health and help you heal faster, consuming certain foods might cause you discomfort and hinder your healing process. Make sure you avoid these foods during the healing process.

  • Spicy Foods: Eating spicy food can bother your digestive system and cause you discomfort.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine intake can result in increased anxiety and disturb your sleep patterns.
  • Processed Foods: Processed food consists of high levels of sodium/sugar, which can be harmful to your body as they are a form of unhealthy fats.
  • Alcohol: After abortion you would be on your medicines, taking alcohol during this time can interact with your healing process.

Avoid these foods and your body will recover very soon. We understand that while healing you might crave certain foods, and it’s completely fine to indulge in them unless and until it doesn’t slow down your healing process.


After abortion, a woman needs mental and emotional peace. Keep your loved ones close to you, eat healthy, move your body a bit, you can indulge in light exercises. Take vitamin supplements if possible to get all the nutrients your body requires. 

Instead of caffeine opt for herbal teas that will help you with digestion and reduce your nausea. A few weeks after abortion, follow up with your healthcare provider to monitor your recovery. 

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