Healthy and Safe Exercise Recommendations for the Elderly

The elderly also need exercise to maintain their health. What sports are suitable for the elderly? Check out the exercise recommendations for the elderly here.

A balanced healthy lifestyle includes a healthy diet and regular exercise. Regular exercise habits have even been applied from childhood to adulthood. However, is a regular exercise recommended for the elderly? 

You need to know, regular exercise is beneficial for the health of the body, especially the heart. A person is advised to exercise at least 150 minutes per week. Time for exercise can also be divided into 30 minutes per day for five days a week. This physical activity should be used from an early age. 

However, there may be obstacles to exercising, for example, if you are sick. Exercise when sick has the risk of aggravating health conditions. The type of exercise to be done is also important to consider so as not to injure and endanger the body. 

Likewise with the elderly after they enter the age of 60 years. The risk of diseases so as heart attack & stroke often haunts. Not a few elderly people are afraid to exercise because they are worried about sudden heart attacks. 

Benefits of Exercise for the Elderly

The study found that people who started exercising again after a long period of no exercise had an 11% lower risk of heart and cardiovascular disease than people who were inactive. 

Meanwhile, elderly people who were previously active and then inactive can increase their risk of heart and cardiovascular disease by 27 percent. 

In addition, a study published by the European Heart Journal also conducted research on elderly people in Korea. They studied the elderly with chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

Exercise must still be done as a precaution. The elderly must remain active and increase the frequency of exercise to prevent heart and cardiovascular disease. Cenforce 150 and Cenforce 200 to prevent ED.

This finding is not necessarily the same as that of the Indonesians. Because there are differences in lifestyle and ethnicity. However, the results of this research are still applicable. 

With a note, should not do sports that are very strenuous to the point of being dangerous and even life-threatening. The key is to stop and rest when you are too tired.

Types of Sports that are Good for the Elderly

Here are some sports that are recommended for the elderly. 

1. Walk

Walking is also a useful sport, you know. Walk without stopping for 30 minutes. You can also adjust the speed. When you are tired, slow down your walking speed. 

2. Swimming

This water sport is very good for the health of the elderly. Swimming can also be done indoors or outdoors, making it more enjoyable. In addition, this exercise does not burden the bones and joints that have become weak due to aging. 

3. Cycling

This activity is also beneficial for the elderly. To make it easier, the cycling speed can be adjusted as desired. Cycling can also be at home with a stationary bike.

4. Golf

Golf that is done on a large grass field can provide fresh air for the players. Then, this exercise is also good for body health because it involves a lot of walking. Amazingly, golf is also useful for training the brain. 

5. Yoga

Besides being good for health, these two sports can also help relax the body. Yoga and tai chi can be done together in a group. Apart from sports, this activity can also build good social relationships.  Vilitra 20 and Vidalista 60 to improve intimate life.

6. Stretching 

Stretching or stretching should be done every day to keep the muscles in prime condition. Make sure to stretch muscles such as the neck, back, chest, stomach, arms, thighs, and calves. 

7. Exercise with a Resistance Band

Resistance bands are elastic bands that can increase resistance during exercise by reducing stress on the body. This exercise is easy for both beginners and seniors to do because it can be done at home. 

In addition, resistance band exercises can also improve posture, mobility, and balance. 

8. Gymnastics 

Gymnastics is an exercise that involves all body weight. Gymnastics is also a great exercise for strengthening strength and balance. 

In order to stay fit and happy, exercise for the elderly above can be an option. Start exercising regularly according to your ability to avoid heart and cardiovascular disease.

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