Healthcare Website SEO or PPC – Which One Needs More Attention?

We often found marketers struggling with a buzz – which one is better SEO or PPC? The struggle seems to be more powerful when it is about a healthcare website. What according to you is correct?


Well, we have a solution here. Just keep reading the article and you will find some strong reasons behind choosing SEO and PPC. Both digital marketing strategies have their individual benefits. And it is up to the healthcare marketing agency to accept the better one for leverages.

Let’s have a detailed look at these two digital marketing strategies.

SEO vs PPC – Which requires more attention for the healthcare website?

  1. Sustainability: When it comes to sustainability, SEO is always chosen over PPC. SEO is known for providing rank-driven results for the long term. It uses extended techniques and strategies to create impressive results for a website.

    The best thing about SEO is if you succeed to rank on the top 3 of SERPs, you will remain at that position for a long time. Efforts put to develop organic traffic sustain a business even if the investment is no longer done.
    Unlike SEO, PPC generates results instantly but it fails to sustain a business when further investment in PPC is ceased.

  2. Cost per click: PPC or pay per click as the name suggests implies that you have to spend a few bucks whenever there is a click made on your ad. That’s quite unusual, but it’s the trick. It generates traffic by giving money in return. PPC seems to be less expensive at first glance, but paying for an individual click is indeed a headache.

    In contrast to this, SEO requires no such payment. It generates organic traffic at free of cost. You just need to invest a bulk initially to hire your experts or maybe to use paid tools. But apart from this, there is no requirement for any money. Unfortunately, SEO is expensive but is balanced when it generates a higher ROI for the business.

  3. Level of convenience: SEO, no doubt, requires a lot of effort. You may not need to work day and night to bring optimum results. But surely you need to monitor your SEO work to optimize your strategies.

    Having extensive keyword research, building an effective website content, boosting the loading speed, handling the metadata, generating backlinks, optimizing the domain authority, managing social media, and many other things are required to have a good effective SEO. You can browse our other articles to learn about the SEO strategies that a business must-have.

    Compared to SEO, PPC requires less effort. It is said that results are visible without making any extra efforts. You just need to have proper keyword research, build engaging ad copies, conduct A/B testing, and choose a strong advertising platform to run your ad.

    PPC is easy to conduct, while the level of convenience for SEO is a bit higher.  

  4. Time consumption: Since SEO requires plenty of effort, it is highly time-consuming. In fact, it generates results after a very long time. You have to keep patience when you are handling SEO. This doesn’t bring visible results in no time. However, you can enjoy long-lasting results if you maintain your patience.

    On the other hand, PPC is known for bringing instant results in no time. Just you need to run your ad on different advertising platforms and you are just a click away to enjoy the optimistic result. With PPC, you can rank your site higher without making any strong effort. But to enjoy this for a long time, you have to invest in PPC always. You just can’t stop at the middle like SEO.

  5. Visible results: Both PPC and SEO can generate visible results. The only difference is, PPC cultivates paid traffic instantly. While SEO generates organic traffic with time.

    If you want visible results within a few days, hit a like on PPC. But if you think you can wait for a time being, you can invest in SEO.
    However, in both cases, positive and impressive results are possible only if you conduct an effective PPC or SEO campaign. Consult with professionals for this.

The Bottom Line

While discussing online marketing techniques and tools with healthcare professionals, we often discover their confused look when it comes to SEO and PPC. It is really difficult to judge which one comes with a better marketing solution.

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Hope, reading the article above you have figured out the better option.

No matter what you choose, your aim should be to higher your ROI by generating new patients who are looking for your healthcare services.

Find a white label digital marketing company or an online marketing agency efficient in providing guaranteed results. Check out their track record and hire the services.

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