Major Trends In 2022 That Will Give Rise to Healthcare Software Development

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Healthcare software have been around us since the 1920s. But in the last 20 months, the healthcare software industry has turned on its head with the increase in healthcare apps and software development. With medical technologies being constructed and implemented at a pace unforeseen previously the main reason for this trend can be the pandemic.

 Because when the world was being thrust into lockdowns and major concerns were emerging in regards to healthcare that how patients would be able to access their treatments and biggest of all how healthcare professionals will provide care. In this difficult time technology like other industries served the healthcare sector too. And this also resulted in exponential growth of healthcare technologies. According to stats, digital healthcare tracking tools saw the biggest growth in 2020 from 42% in 2019 to 54%. But is this trend going to stay? 

It is no doubt that the pandemic has exposed the medical sector to the need for digital transformation. If you are thinking of investing in the digital healthcare industry or want to develop software related to healthcare then it is the best time to build one. Because the market of global healthcare information software is forecasted to grow by USD 11.10 billion during 2021-2025. The trends in the healthcare industry have totally transformed let us tell you about the trends which are going to stay



Telehealth or telemedicine has been underutilized prior to 2020 and failed to gain much recognition. But pandemic has immensely increased the use of this technology as the latest figures reveal that the telehealth medicine industry by 2025 will earn nearly US $62.2 billion.

The trend of healthcare software related to telehealth is surely going to grow because telemedicine which enables video or phone appointments between patients and their healthcare practitioners provides benefits to both convenience and health. 

With new waves of Covid-19 emerging after every few months, the trend of construction of telemedicine software is going to increase. And if you are willing to construct this telemedicine software that connects healthcare and patients for virtual consultations then you can hire a custom healthcare software development company in this regard too.

Digital Therapeutics

Digital therapeutics refers to any care provided by the software. These are evidence-based therapeutic interventions steered by software to prevent, manage or treat a disease or medical disorder. 

In simple words, DTx are “patient-facing software applications” that aids the patients in treating and managing the disease. For instance, Digital Therapeutics can help in self-managing symptoms thus improving their quality of life.

DTx utilizes apps, sensors, virtual reality devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT), and other tools to detect behavioral changes in patients. Their design is entirely tailored to fit the patient’s needs. Being one of the most innovative areas within the digital health field, DTx over the past two years has experienced the most accelerated period of progress. The healthcare software development for DTx applications will be quite common.

Big Data

Big data in healthcare comes from various sources from electronic health records, wearable devices, and server logs. This is an unending sea of records that offers a list of opportunities.

The main thing here is that with the good storage and analytical tools in place the healthcare system including medical staff, pharmaceuticals, and patients can snatch a number of benefits from big data.

Assembling medical data can serve quite well in the discovery and R&D stages of the drug development process. In addition to this, enough datasets can reduce the cost of trial and development of new drugs and can even prevent major outbreaks and pandemics as well as epidemics among certain populations.

With all these benefits the demand for technology that has the ability to monitor healthcare data is expected to increase. As also evident from the entrance of Google and Amazon entering the healthcare spaces. So, in short, for keeping up with the trend of the collection of big data especially in healthcare you will need healthcare software.

Remote Monitoring

With wearables becoming affordable and smarter the trend of remote monitoring has increased. Because of their rapid and widespread adoption among healthcare providers, it is estimated that by 2024, 30 million patients will use remote monitoring systems. 

The remote monitoring gives abundant data plus provides a less intrusive experience for the patient thus also lowering the burden on the frontline clinicians and physicians and also reducing the overall costs in comparison to traditional healthcare monitoring methods and techniques. 

Thus increase in the trend of remote monitoring will automatically give rise to software development related to health that can help the patients and the healthcare staff in remote monitoring. Because by 2027, the global market is projected to reach the worth of $1.7b up to 125% more from what the market currently represents.

Summing Up

The use of digital health technologies in the delivery of patient care is pivotal to providing healthcare at larger scale. And keeping these trends in view you can hire a healthcare software development company to construct a perfect healthcare app or software. Because the trend of usage of technology in healthcare is not going abort anytime soon.

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