Top 6 Health Devices You Must Keep at Your Home

Medical emergencies can show up at any point of time during this pandemic situation. From the effect of climatic changes on our body function to sudden onset of fevers, allergies, pain, or even strokes, we should know how to handle all these situations whether personal medical help is close at hand or not. 

Adding the current air pollution levels and season change to this equation, you know you have to be on your toes to handle any medical emergencies, especially if you have kids or older people to take care of at home. 

Apart from professional medical help, the best things you should rely on are easy to handle medical devices.

Now the question may arise as to which devices you should keep within your reach at home. This article will help to guide you through the world of medical devices so that you can pick up the right ones for your home.


Tracking blood oxygen or SpO2 levels has become vital in this ongoing pandemic. Though various smartwatches come with SPO2 sensors, it is better to get a pulse oximeter instead. You can easily latch them on your finger for reading. Some oximeters track your heart rate as well.

BP Monitor

In the present scenarios, stress and an inactive lifestyle have become significant factors for hypertension. So having a digital blood pressure monitoring device at home is a wise idea to detect high BP early on. 

Keeping a blood pressure monitor at home will save you from routine visits to the doctor, especially if you suffer from high BP or low BP. It is essential to keep track of the BP measurements you get and update your doctor regularly. 

The Blood pressure measuring devices are very convenient and can help you monitor if prescribed medications make any difference. You can easily find these BP monitors in the market. These are easy to operate and display instant BP readings.


It may sound too basic, but you know it’s essential to keep a good quality thermometer close at hand, especially when it’s flu season. A thermometer helps in determining our body temperatures. 

If you measure an abnormal temperature significantly higher than usual, you can take the necessary precautions immediately. You can opt for digital or mercury thermometers but do remember to keep them handy.


A blood glucose meter is a must receive for anybody suffering from blood sugar issues or diabetes. Tracking blood glucose levels is convenient with this device. Patients are necessarily required to monitor their blood glucose levels regularly. 

You can efficiently operate this device at home without having to visit your doctor every other day. However, if the reading is not within the normal range, it is necessary to consult your doctor immediately, as unchecked diabetes can lead to severe complications.


It is one of the essential devices to keep at home on today’s date. Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit humanity, people have understood the importance of taking steam inhalation. 

Several medical studies have claimed that regular steam inhalation can reduce the COVID 19 viral load. Most of the doctors recommend regular steaming in their prescription to boost immunity against COVID 19.

Weighing scale

Don’t think that only the people who keep track of their weight or follow a diet chart need to keep this device at home. Unless you are aware of the changes in your body weight, you will not be able to diagnose underlying issues with your health unless the problem reflects itself in a more extensive form. 

A sudden rise in body weight can be an indication of high blood pressure and diabetes. Sudden weight gain or weight loss can indicate hormonal imbalances, and you shouldn’t take them lightly either. So it’s very crucial to get a weighing scale for your home and measure your body weight at regular intervals.

Wrap up!

With the unforeseen rise in COVID 19 cases, the second wave of this pandemic demands more precautions than ever before. Amidst the lockdown and delay in accessing healthcare facilities, keeping a regular check on one’s medical health is crucial to prevent potential medical emergencies. 

In such uncertain times, experts suggest that tracking health parameters like temperature, blood oxygen level, and heart condition will help detect the COVID infection much earlier if the figures are unusual. Thus it is advisable to keep these health monitoring devices at home to prevent a severe medical condition.

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