How Can HCG Drops Make You Go From XXL to L?


Are you not able to see your feet when you try to take a peek without bending down? Are you tired of getting up and down several shops to find your right fitting clothes? Are you embarrassed to take your tees off on the beach during the summer break? You need not worry anymore about being fat. HCG drops for weight loss can cause miracles to make your obese body into a sleek one. Are you wondering how? Let us get into detail.

What is HCG?

xxl to l

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin. It is a hormone secreted during pregnancy in women. This hormone induces metabolism, thereby increasing its rate. Increased metabolism leads to the burning of excessive fat stored in the body.

When does the human body store fat?

The human body generally doesn’t store fat. It knows too well that excessive fat leads to unhealthiness. The human body is way more intelligent than we think. Every cell of your body knows better about your body than you do. Its basic instinct is to keep you alive for the next day. 

So why does it store fat? 

It happens only in exceptional circumstances. They are 

1. You overeat that it can’t burn all the fat together. 

2. You don’t eat at all. 

It stores fat for future use; as you know already, the human body knows how to keep you alive. We all know that excessive eating can lead to fat storage. But, how many of us knew that eating less can lead to fat accumulation.

Why does your body store fat when you eat less?

You know the fact that your body is more intelligent than you think. When you don’t eat enough, your body has less fat to burn. The burning of fat keeps you from draining out of energy. When you eat at the right time, your body has enough fuel to keep you running. When you cut down its power, it starts saving for future use. That, in turn, leads to the accumulation of fat. Unless you let your body know that it will get enough fuel on time, it won’t burn the grease regularly.

What is the way out?

HCG drops for weight loss induce metabolism. This inducing leads to fat burning. But, it is not that simple. It leads to an unnatural hunger drive that could overheat if you induce the metabolism. Hence, while going for the drops, you should also keep your diet in control. Keep a calorie deficit diet along with lots and lots of water because dehydration can also ring false hunger alarms. Plus, drinking more water helps in flushing out toxins. 

Will you get back the lost weight if you stop the process?

It is an all-natural process. By changing the metabolic rate in the body, you change your body cycle naturally. Thus, it won’t lead to gaining weight back abruptly. But, if you won’t pay attention to your diet, you will gain back the weight gradually. Thus it is always essential to check what you eat and how you eat. 


Maintaining a healthy life is always a task in this current generation’s nature of work. We have a hectic but sedentary lifestyle, which is the sole reason for our lazy and unhealthy lifestyle. Only if we keep moving can we keep our metabolic rates in check. So, we need to take some natural supplements, such as HCG drops, for weight loss. It helps in maintaining a healthy metabolism without any side effects.