Hair loss is a major burden for both genders and can enormously reduce the quality of life. Hereditary hair loss, in particular, continues to progress until bald spots can no longer be concealed. The subject of hair transplantation becomes unavoidable at some point when the level of suffering increases. Often neither drugs nor tinctures help the scalp; at best, they can delay further hair loss.

Hair loss

A professionally performed hair transplant should normally last a lifetime, so it should be seen as the only permanent solution. Treatment in Turkey is becoming increasingly popular because they can score advantage with a lot. It is carried out by renowned Turkish doctors and is much cheaper. Surgery is carried out using the latest technology and is very gentle.

Lower Cost Despite High Quality

When it comes to hair transplants, the first question of course is cost. Sure, you shouldn’t save at the wrong end, but a high price doesn’t necessarily mean good quality and a satisfactory result. Treatment in Turkey can convince with low prices, a natural result and a very high growth rate. Some may doubt the quality given the comparatively low prices. However, there are a large number of experts in Turkey who have already helped many affected people to regain self-confidence.

The low prices are due to the lower labor costs in Turkey. All-round carefree packages are often offered that contain all services and make cost calculation particularly easy. Overall, one can assume a cost advantage of up to 70 percent for treatment in Turkey. In view of the great expertise and the excellent results, one can speak of an excellent price-performance ratio.

Istanbul – A positive experiences speak for Turkish clinics

Full hair stands for health, youthfulness, and vitality and is still considered an ideal of beauty. A treatment in Istanbul at the internationally known Clinic can make this dream come true. Countless patients from Europe and abroad have been successfully treated at the Turkish clinics over the decades. Istanbul’s hair transplant clinics are now one of the best in the world and always use the latest surgical techniques.

What exactly happens?

After a free hair analysis at the consultation, the optimal method is selected. With the FUE method (follicular unit extraction), the individual hair follicles are removed with the help of very fine needles and later inserted into previously created channels on the scalp. A variant developed in Turkey is the sapphire FUE method, in which extremely sharp sapphire blades are used. With these, the Turkish doctors can work very precisely and make minimal incisions.

One of the most modern procedures is the DHI hair transplant, which no longer requires intermediate storage of the grafts. They are removed with an implantation pen and immediately placed in the desired areas. The special soft anesthesia makes the interventions at the clinics in Istanbul extremely gentle and allows a painless operation with full consciousness.

Patients can book the all-inclusive offers, which in addition to the hair transplant itself also include necessary transfers, a hotel stay, an interpreter and subsequent laser therapy. Patients do not have to pay in advance at most clinics in Istanbul.

Problem Areas

Nowadays, men are also a little vain and sometimes suffer greatly from expanding receding hairlines or a tonsure. Quality clinics are always focused on the best individual solution in order to achieve an impeccable result. The hair status is therefore analyzed very precisely during the consultation. On this occasion, interested parties can also take a look at before-and-after pictures to convince themselves of the surgeon’s skills.

Since genetic alopecia also affects women, women are also increasingly interested in hair transplants. There is good news for women in this regard, as there is no longer a need to completely shave. In this case, too, the before and after pictures can definitely be seen and give a good first impression of the later result. Since the problem area for women is often light eyebrows

Hair transplant Turkey even in times of Corona

The corona pandemic has had a firm grip on the world for months, but a hair transplant in Turkey is possible even in these extraordinary times. In compliance with the mask requirement and the common hygiene measures, this is no problem at all. Before the hair transplant at the Clinic, a corona test must be carried out. Usually this test is done on arrival or before the preliminary examination.

All patients then receive a document from the clinic in which the implementation of the Covid-19 test is noted. This document must be kept safe during the stay so that it can be presented at any time. Since this test is only valid for 48 hours, a second test should be arranged the day before your return journey. This can then be done either in the hotel or at the airport. It usually takes a maximum of two hours until the result is available. A hair transplant in Turkey during the Corona period does not differ from the usual procedure except for the corona tests and wearing mouth and nose protection.

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