Everything You Need to Know About Hair Loss During Stress

We all endure stressful periods in our life whether it’s losing a loved one, not getting a promotion that we sought, pregnancy, or going through a breakup. Emotional and mental stress takes a toll on our overall well-being and appearance as well. Your skin looks malnourished, your hair starts to fall and you lose weight. Even if you are not going through an emotional phase of your life, everyday fast-paced life and work is a real cause of stress especially in metro cities which thereby results in hair fall.

Know the relationship between stress and hair fall?

Each hair follicle has a cycle in which it is actively growing. After reaching maturity, it enters into a resting phase in which it falls naturally from the scalp. Now stress can trigger and increase the number of hair follicles to go into an abnormal resting phase and result in more hair fall.

Hair fall could also be the result of a disease that causes stress due to chemical imbalance in the body.

But there is good news that the hair fall due to stress caused by several reasons is not permanent and can be treated. Below are some of the remedies to make your hair grow faster:

Hair Regeneration Products

Following a hair care routine and using hair products that promote hair growth and stop them from further falling are necessary steps to follow when you suffer from hair loss. A good anti-hair fall shampoo followed by conditioner and regular oiling can improve hair texture and density. You must choose the products which are toxin-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free. A proper hair care routine also helps in controlling frizz and breakage problems in the hair.

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Relieve Your Stress

While a hair care routine is necessary, you should also focus on reducing your stress. This can be done if you give time to regularly exercise, following a hobby, yoga, or even meditation. Relieving stress makes the mind and body in sync and improves blood circulation. Good blood circulation promotes hair growth.

Healthy Diet

A diet filled with nutrients like Vitamin B and Vitamin C is good for promoting hair growth. Also, take iron-rich nourishment through meat, leafy greens, lentils, and more.

Hair Growth Supplements

Taking hair supplements can provide the nutrients in abundance as necessary to promote hair growth. They contain multivitamins and nutrients that assimilate better in the body when consumed by a direct source.

Resist Chemical Treatments

While you may want instant results for your hair growth but don’t go for the chemical treatment. The chemicals used for promoting hair growth might cause side effects like acne or it may not suit you and end up causing more damage than repair.

There is nothing to be ashamed of having hair fall. It is treatable and not the last longing. Take good care of your health by eating healthy and following a proper hair care routine using the right products and you’ll see the results showing up soon.

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