13 Brilliant Gym Event Ideas to Build Your Gym

Organizing an event is a popular yet challenging approach to enhance sales. When you host an event for your gym business, you cultivate a community of dedicated followers who become your brand evangelists in the future. When you wrap up a gym event, you will notice that many of the attendees have turned into paying customers/clients. It is because gym events give them a realistic overview of your gym business.

If you own a gym business venture, here are 13 brilliant gym event ideas to build your gym and boost income-:

Family Training Sessions

Conduct family training sessions with Picktime online appointment scheduler. Add each student with their family members into different classes based on their preferred time and set a maximum class capacity. Let your students schedule appointments for themselves and their family members through a customized online booking page and link the page to your website to drive online bookings.

In-House Workshops

In-house workshops offer flexibility to your busy students because they continue for a month or two. Students will also get practical experience from certified instructors instead of jamming their heads with fitness theories. You can charge a minimum amount for registration for the workshop to earn revenue. Offer certificates and other gifts to participants on completion.

Product Launch

Whenever you launch a new fitness course or equipment, hold a launch event and invite journalists in your town to cover the event in local newspapers and television channels. It will create awareness about your brand, and you might get new students on board within a few weeks. Make sure you promote such events on social media.

Food Tasting Events

If you have a separate counter for healthy shakes and snacks, organize food tasting events for your clients. Invite them over and let them try smoothies, sandwiches, and milkshakes. Ask your customers to post about this event on social media with an event-specific hashtag. 

Mass Workout

If your clients dislike working out in closed spaces, take them out to a park for an early morning mass workout. Set up registration booths for students to come and sign up for the mass workout. Offer them extra training like yoga, aerobics, or Tai Chi (Chinese shadow boxing). Use verbal cues while training clients.

Celebrity Meet & Greet

Invite famous fitness personalities for a one-day training and Q& A sessions with students to make the event live and interactive. Ask the personality to promote the event on their Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Obstacle Course Contest

Obstacle course competitions are great for peer-to-peer bondings. Rent a huge space for a day to host an obstacle course contest and divide your students into small teams. Reward the team that finishes first.

Client Appreciation Day

Hold client appreciation days where your clients can share their success stories of weight loss/gain and many more accomplishments. You should also provide drinks and refreshments to the event attendees.

Free Gym Session

Many prospective clients may be hesitant to opt for your gym due to the uncertainty of the return on investment. Organize free gym sessions in a while to give such clients a sneak peek into your courses and sessions.

Charity Events

Give your best to the local community that is fostering your gym business. Establish yourself as a brand that cares for others’ goodwill. Organize charity events where your students can help the needy in cash prizes won at charity runs, kind, or services.

Fitness Vacations

Go on a holiday with your gym students to retreat in the lap of nature. Organize a weekend program or a two-day vacation to nearby tourist destinations with pleasant weather conditions. It will strengthen the feeling of belonging to a community and boost loyalty. 

Webinars on fitness

Hold online events like webinars through apps like Livestorm and YouTube and invite fitness personalities and trainers to talk about their experiences and the latest fitness regime they are currently following. It will also help promote your brand to newer audiences.

Social dinners

Go out for dinner with your students at a fine dining restaurant after a Friday gym class. Build social bonds with your students, and engage with them to understand their needs and problems. It will be a friendly gesture, and your students are less likely to quit if you manage to organize this event well.

Before ending, get some essential points in your mind. Firstly, decide why a particular event is important and what you plan to achieve through it. Remember the tiniest details while preparing the plan for the event. Ensure that you incentivize events with gifts and giveaways like canvas bags, t-shirts, and water bottles to get higher retention. Finally, ensure that you get timely feedback from your customers to evaluate the success of your events.

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