Gut or most commonly known as the long tube that extends from the mouth cavity to the other end or the anal cavity has its own health concerns known as the gut health. It is very important to take care of one’s gut as it is the gateway to one’s health in general, as it is often perceived, keeping the gut healthy is what keeps the person healthy. Gut health supplements have been introduced in the market for this very reason.

It is essential to keep an anti-inflammatory environment in the gut as the gut and brain relay stimulus which generates every 3-4 days, the gut brain connection is important in order to keep the body in perfect condition. Once the fire in the gut is doused so will the uneasiness in one’s body.

gut health supplements

The Popularity Of Gut Health Supplements In Recent Times:

The reasons why gut health supplements are making rounds and is highly recommended are:

  • Our gut is a constant battle field of stress, anxiety and other toxic elements and even though our body is meant to heal, the rising concern in gut health is a mark which needs to be focused on.
  • Major portion of the body’s health is constituted and related to the gut brain connection. Once the microbiome goes out of balance one’s health suffers.
  • Gut health supplements are meant to combat symptoms like weak immunity, irregular bowel movements, aches, soreness of the body, weight gain, poor focus, joint issues, uncontrolled cravings, stiffness of muscles, inconsistent and troubled sleep, mood swings, weak hair and nails.

Gut health supplements are thus immensely valuable in order to maintain the 80% immunity housed by the gut and also the neurochemicals that are produced in it.

Problems Faced By Your Gut:

The gut is constantly under attack and gut health supplements are thus important to keep it in check. The various problems that one’s gut faces are:

  • The five hundred species and three pounds of bacteria that preside in the gut create a diverse and interdependent microbiome which needs to be in balance in order for the gut to function properly and efficiently. 
  • If the wrong kind of bacteria like yeasts or parasites and the lack of the good one’s for example lactobacillus can lead to serious deprivation of the gut health.
  • The gastrointestinal system houses trillions of bacteria and millions of microorganisms like bacteria, virus, parasites, yeasts etc. these are often essential for the meagre and basic biological mechanisms important to human health like Digestion, Energy Production etc.
  • Gut health supplements also combat problems like leaky guts or Gut Dysbiosis which indicates that there is a problem or malfunction in the natural balance of the micro organisms which preside in the gut. It has an overall effect on one’s staggering physical health.
  • The bacteria which preside in the gut help inform the immune system about the overall condition of the gut so that it takes appropriate measures to help combat the various problems and maladjustments and maintain the balance in the microbiome.

Why is it important to keep your gut healthy and stable?

The answer to the aforementioned questions lies in the fact that the gut comprises nearly eighty percent of the entire immunity of one’s body and it is also the first line of defence and the response creating zone for the body. It is essential to keep your gut healthy and avoid any form of pathogen to reside in it as it depletes the immunity levels drastically.

The one cell thick layer that lines the guts and protects it and the body from the large amount of toxins, bacterial, virus, undigested food particles and various other microorganisms is essential for thriving and keeping the gut brain connection stable.

Gut health supplements frees your body from not only gut related problems but also migraines and regular headaches, fatigue, memory loss, focus issues, attention disorders, foggy brain, mood fluctuations, depression and anxiety.

What is the gut brain connection and how does it fuel gut health?

Scientists have actually nicknamed the gut as the “second brain” because this very complex system has the power to change one’s mood and is a central point of the entire body’s immune system. The balance of the neurochemicals that are released in the gut determine the balance of the microbiome which in turn determines the balance of the health.

The gut health or the digestive system affects everything from the immune response, stress levels, sleep patterns, skin clarity, energy reserves to nails, liver, digestion etc. it encompasses all aspects of the health of one’s body.

Signs You Have An Unhealthy Gut:

The signs of an unhealthy gut in dire need of gut health supplements are:

  • Food sensitivities and digestive disturbances: for example bloating of the abdomen, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion are directly connected to an unhealthy gut.  
  • Sugar cravings and eating disorders: Sugar and processed food decrease the amount of good bacteria present in one’s gut, which increases sugar cravings and other forms of eating disorders, which then becomes a dangerous simulation and can damage the gut even further. Insulin resistance is linked to decreased nutrient absorption in the blood which is a result of an unhealthy gut.
  • Inflammation: the damage of the gut lining has been linked to increased inflammation in the body. Inflammation can be the precursor to a number of diseases such as autoimmune conditions and even cancer, gut cancer is a prevalent health condition.
  • Weight gain or disorders: An imbalanced gut impairs the body’s capability to absorb nutrients, regulate insulin, and store fat thus inviting disorders related to weight.
  • Fatigue and insomnia: Serotonin (a hormone that affects sleep and mood fluctuations) is actually produced in the gut. So a leaky gut or a damaged gut can adversely affect the sleep pattern and hamper it completely resulting in lack or no sleep.
  • Skin conditions: such as eczema, acne and rosacea are dependent on gut health. The bacteria found in the intestines also known as the gut influence the overall health, especially skin clarity and quality. The skin deteriorates with a staggering gut health.

Thus, gut health supplements are a solution to all the woes of one’s body.