What Is Gum Disease, And What Are Its Causes and Remedies?

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is one of the most common ailments people suffer from. This condition is the most likely outcome of negligence in dental care. Most adults have to get treated for gum disease at least once in their lifetime. One of the primary consequences of gum disease Modesto is tooth loss as well as other health problems such as a higher risk of heart disease or stroke.

Nature of Gum disease

However, to understand the causes of gum disease, it is necessary to comprehend the nature of the disease itself. Gum disease affects the gums of an individual and infects them with bacteria. One of the leading causes of this is plaque, a sticky film made out of bacteria that forms on our teeth daily. 

People must maintain their dental hygiene to avoid gum disease from ever taking place. The plaque formed on teeth eventually turns into tartar when neglected, leading to further infection in the gum line, causing the gum to separate from the teeth. 

Gum disease also causes severe inflammation within the gums due to the pockets between the teeth and the gum filled with bacteria. If untreated, gum disease can also affect the bone, eventually leading to tooth loss. You should contact Modesto Dentists if you suspect sudden tooth pain or notice gum problems.

 Causes of Gum disease

Apart from poor dental hygiene, gum disease can also be caused through other instances. Aggressive brushing is one of the primary reasons for any form of gum disease. The hard bristles of the toothbrush may lead to cuts on the gum tissue, eventually leading to bleeding. Due to negligence, these bleeding cuts can collect bacteria over time and contribute to gum disease.

 Remedies for Gum disease

In regards to remedies, proper dental care is one of the primary remedies for gum disease. However, the most crucial remedy is early intervention. By referring to a dentist, individuals can seek expert advice and get their gyms and teeth cleaned professionally. 

This not only helps them maintain their dental hygiene but also allows them to limit their chances of suffering from gum disease. However, in extreme cases, gum disease can also be treated through gum or bone graft surgery. 

In extreme cases where the gum has wholly been damaged, dentists often rely upon a gum draft surgery which includes replacing the damaged gums with healthy tissue taken from the roof of the mouth. For more information, please reach out to Paragon Dental now!

On the other hand, in instances where the bone has been affected due to gum disease, dentists often rely upon bone graft surgery, which helps replace the missing or damaged bone to prevent tooth loss.


Despite all its extreme outcomes, it is necessary to understand that gum disease is preventable. Early intervention from a professional is the key to dealing with gum disease. 

Individuals can limit their chances of getting gum disease by relying upon a dentist and getting the gums and teeth professionally cleaned. Furthermore, by choosing to personally take care of dental hygiene by brushing carefully and flossing, individuals can stop plaque from accumulating and prevent gum disease.