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A healthy lifestyle is what a person yearns for in order to live a more active and better life. In this article, we will understand the meaning of good health, the types of health, and how to ensure a healthy life.

What is health

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health with as:

Health is a resource that helps an individual to function efficiently. A healthy lifestyle means a life that is cheerful and lively and has meaning and purpose.

The Lancet defines health as the ability of a body to cope with incoming threats and senilities.

The basis of this definition is the acknowledgment that a complete absence of pathology is not possible.

Types of health

There are many types of health among which mental and physical health are most frequently talked about.

Good physical health means that the body is functioning absolutely fine. This doesn’t mean that the body is not going through any disease but also doing regular exercise, having a balanced diet, and sufficient sound sleep, receiving proper medical treatment when necessary.

Physical well-being involves maintaining a good physique. Maintaining physical fitness can increase stamina, muscular strength and flexibility, and body composition.

Depression may increase the risk of drug use disorders ultimately affecting physical health. Depression and anorexia can also affect body weight and overall function.

Other types of health include spiritual, emotional, and financial health. Good financial health to worry less about earnings and good spiritual and emotional health for better social and personal life. All of them fortify mental health.

All types of health are correlated and people should aim for overall well-being and good health.

Factors affecting good health and well being 

Good health depends on a wide spectrum of factors some of which are discussed below:

Genetic factors

A defective or less-healthy gene can cause a genetic disorder decreasing the possibility of good health. Inherited traits increase the risk of certain health conditions.

Environmental factors

However, genes alone do not impact enough as they are triggered by certain environmental conditions and affect the overall health of a person. These factors 

Include some other sub-factors which are:

The social and economic environment: 

This includes the financial status of a family or community, as well as the social and cultural, and quality of relationships.

Physical environment: 

This includes the area in which a person lives and its effects on that person. Pathogens and pollution level checks are also included in it.

The behavior of an individual:

The genetic makeup and lifestyle choices of a person are the fabrics of his behavior and affect overall health.

High socioeconomic status (SES) ensures good health. A good education, a well-paid job, and access to healthcare in times of illness or injury are the components of high SES. Otherwise, a person experiences stress and depression which is not good for mental health.

How to achieve good health and well-being

Instead of waiting for getting some illness then addressing health care, learn some tips to lead a happy life so that you don’t get ill. Here are some motivational pieces of advice you must stick to lead a healthy life.

Get yourself some time 

You need to focus on your needs and requirements and realize that your happiness is also important. Even one day a week can improve your condition if you spend it asserting yourself. Get some time for yourself. Do activities that you like as long as they do not put any harm to your health. Remember we’re talking about good health. Do things that are harmless to you and your body. Also doing activities that boost your spirit will increase your spiritual health. Try to reward yourself after completing tasks. That will make you happy for sure.

Have some quality time with your friends

Life can be hard sometimes. In such conditions, do not stress out yourself by keeping everything to yourself. Talk to your friends, they will ease you out. However, you should not only be on the taking side but also the giving side.

Organize your to-do-list 

Organizing your day by making a to-do list will surely unburden your mind. You will see for yourself how much happier you will be after organizing a routine schedule.

Bring kindness and generosity in your life

Being a kind person and doing good to others will surely make you feel happy and is promising for your mental health. As Dr. Oliver Scott Curry of the University of Cognitive-Evolutionary Anthropology says: “humans are social animals. Helping members of our society makes it to where we feel happier. ”

Eat healthy 

The proverb “you are what you eat” stands true in all manners. A healthy diet regulated by your nutritionist is what you need to keep good physical health. Regular exercise and a balanced diet are two elements that must be on your to-do list. 

Be positive

Over-thinking and negative thoughts do not change your situation but disturb your mental health by increasing the chances of depression and anxiety. Be positive. A positive thinker leads a happier and healthy life, so try to shrug off negative thoughts and come closer to happiness.

Learn to forgive yourself 

We all make mistakes. Errors actually teach us to do things right but if we do not forgive ourselves and hook onto that mistake and torture ourselves, we are in no way going to make it out of life. Learn to forgive yourself. Don’t objurgate or rebuke yourself. Life does not stand still, so just be kind to yourself and move along with it.

In the end, remember that some changes take time but they are worth it!

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