GetMeds Clone App – Provide The Safest And The Most Convenient Pharmacy Ordering Solutions To Your Customers

With people living busier lives, on-demand apps have provided convenience and ease to order anything, from anywhere from the comforts of the home. And this includes pharmacy as well. With the advent of on-demand apps, entrepreneurs are now inspiring by cloning successful online pharmacy delivery app. GetMeds Clone App is one of the prospered names allowing the users to buy medicines online. Thus getting them delivered right at the doorstep.

Building An Online Pharmacy Delivery App is hugely profitable especially in the times like COVID19. However, the pandemic has forced people to stay indoors. Thus relying on the On-demand Pharmacy Delivery Apps and that’s why developing GetMeds Clone App makes sense. 

How Does The GetMeds Clone App Solution Work?

Like any other On-demand app, Online Pharmacy Delivery App has a similar workflow. As a matter of fact, the app includes three separate panels: 

  • Users panel 
  • Pharmacy store panel
  • Delivery driver panel 

The workflow of ordering the medicines to the online pharmacy store to delivering is in sync with these three panels thus offering seamless operations.

  • Once downloaded and registered the app, the customer is asked to upload the prescription which is verified by the pharmacists. If the users are not having prescription they can schedule their health appointment with the available online doctors to get through the ordering
  • Once the prescription is approved, it allows the user to place the order at the nearby pharmacy stores.
  • The pharmacy store confirms. Thus sending the delivery confirmation to the delivery drivers to deliver the same 
  • Ordering medicine from “Over The Counter” will have to follow the same process. Thus the search bar allows the user to locate the medicines and add the same to the cart.
  • Make an online payment and get your status confirmed
  • The user can track the medicine order through real-time feature knowing the estimated delivery time
  • Give feedback and ratings

Primary Features Of GetMeds Clone For Online Pharmacy Delivery 

  • Social media register/login
  • Categories and sub-categories
  • Category wise search
  • Compare prices
  • Ease to add medicines to the cart
  • Review past orders
  • Push-notification sending confirmation 
  • Online multiple payments
  • Real-time tracking
  • Status update
  • Feedback and rating

Monetizing Your Clone App in the Philippines

You can monetize your GetMeds Clone Online Pharmacy Delivery App through:

  • Charging subscription/membership fees from the users that use your GetMeds clone app
  • Charging a commission from the store owners for any order request send to the pharmacy stores.
  • Running banner ads of 3rd party vendors
  • Charging a small fee from the drug manufacturers/individual pharmacists that come onboard to list their services

Advanced Features Of GetMeds Clone App 

There is no point if your GetMeds Clone App does not provide a pleasing experience to your users. Therefore, to make sure that your Online Pharmacy Delivery App solution surpasses their expectations incorporate your GetMeds Clone App with below-mentioned features:

  • In-app consultation helps users to chat with customer support about their concerns. Resolve them immediately.
  • Your app should allow users to locate nearby medical stores to place an order
  • If you have already future expansion in mind, make sure your app is offering multi-currency and multi-language support
  • A smart search option that allows your user to find the medicine by inserting the brand name or few letters of the medicines. Thus, prompting the options to help find the medicines easily. 
  • Thus the app allows the users to book their tests, blood work appointments online can save time.

What It Takes To Develop An Intuitive Online Pharmacy Delivery App

Several factors are responsible for making your app a huge success. Following are the significant ones:

  • Your GetMeds Clone should have a user-friendly interface
  • Your Online Pharmacy Delivery App in the Philippines must be 100% responsive thus, making it compatible on Android and IOS platforms
  • The app will have multiple payment methods. Thus make sure that the financial data is encrypted and compliant
  • With the changing behavior of the customers as well technologically the app has to be constructed on scalable technology, thus offering a glitch-free transition for your future expansion

To develop an app like GetMeds Pharmacy Delivery App it needs detailed research built on perfect execution. Thus, if you are interested to achieve your entrepreneurial goals by developing GetMeds Clone, all you need to do is approach a Mobile App Development Company to assist you to turn your dream into reality.

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