Get rid of dark circles forever with the help of yoga

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Nowadays the daily routine of people has become very stressful and hectic. In today’s time, the lifestyle of most people is unhealthy. Due to working on the computer for hours, lack of sleep, and not eating properly, there is a problem with dark circles under the eyes. Dark circles are known as dark circles in English.

Dark circles are called dark circles around the eyes. Not only women but also men are affected by the ill effects of this routine. Due to this, your face looks discolored and dull. Because of your eyes, your beauty is greatly affected.

If you want to look fresh and young, then you have to eliminate these dark circles. For this, only a good lifestyle can help you. You can look good by including yoga in your daily routine.

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Yoga for Dark Circles – Get rid of dark circles under the eyes.

Face Yoga – Circle the Eyes.

Step 1:

  • With the help of face yoga, you can also get rid of dark circles under the eyes. Let us see what is its method?
  • For this, you place your middle fingers, where the eyebrow starts.
  • After this, starting from the top of your eyebrows, apply gentle pressure on the area around the eyes.
  • Keep repeating the same action for few seconds.
  • After this, you move your cheekbones (cheekbone) to the inner corner of your eyes.
  • After this, repeat the same action in the opposite direction and increase the speed a little.
  • Actually, this improves the blood circulation of your eyes, due to which the muscles get relaxed.

Step 2:

  • After doing the above action, with the help of your index finger, touch the area under the eyes outwards.
  • By doing this, toxins are removed from this area as well as there is an increase in blood circulation and oxygen, which helps in reducing the swelling of the eyes.
  • This step has to be done 4 to 5 times.
  • Keep in mind that the skin under the eyes is much thinner than the skin on your face. Therefore, whenever this yoga is done, you should take some care of it. Actually, there is no oil gland in this part, so you should not massage directly with dry hands, for this you should use almond oil or any eye gel.
  • You need to keep your eyes hydrated to prevent lines and wrinkles. So you can do this action every night. This will keep your skin good and the production of collagen will also increase.

Shambhavi Mudra:

The practice of Shambhavi Mudra helps to awaken the Ajna Chakra and is a form of meditation, it awakens the vital chakras of our body and this mudra helps to calm the mind, relieve tension and stretch the muscles around the eyes. helps to keep

This is also a better solution to get rid of Dark Circles Around Eyes.

Shambhavi Mudra is said to be the pose of Lord Shiva. While doing this mudra, both your eyes go up in the brain, due to which you also start seeing divine light. There are two methods of doing this mudra, out of which we are telling you one method.


For this, you need to have Shree Yantra. First of all, look carefully at the Shri Yantra from the inside. There is a triangle on the upper part of Shree Yantra. You have to assume that Shree Yantra is rotating above your head from left to right.

There are three lines in the triangle, chanting while looking at the first line.

ka a e la harem

Then chanting while looking at the second line

ha sa ka ha la hareem

Then chant while looking at the third line

sa ka la harem

Shambhavi Mudra:

This method is very good. Let us tell you that with this method, Shambhavi is not only proved, but by doing it, you also get the fruits of Sri Vidya Sadhana.

With the help of asanas, you can remove the dark circles under the eyes and along with these yoga exercises, you can also take the help of some home remedies. Just like keeping cold cucumber slices on the eyes also makes a little difference. Also, drink plenty of water as well.

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