Get Relief From The Stiff And Painful Hip Joint With The Total Hip Replacement In Mumbai

The hip joint is one of the strongest joints of the human anatomy. It is durable and withstands the entire body weight of the skeleton. It is one of the most flexible spheroidal joints of the skeletal system. It withholds the daily wear and tear of the body and helps in flexible mobility and locomotive activities. Such as standing, walking, running, dancing, playing sports, etc. However, sometimes we underappreciated them. The hip joint consists of a ball and socket joint that helps for flexible movement. But when subjected to heavyweight it is bound to undergo wear and tear. However, the best hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai will guide and advise you with the best treatment plan for you.

Stiff And Painful Hip Joint

The hip joint is the largest weight-bearing and durable joint in our skeleton. They are a detailed skeleton structure that consists of muscles, bones, ligaments, joints, and cartilage. That supports our anatomical structure with durability, mobility, stability, and range of locomotion. However, heavyweight hips are vulnerable to fractures and skeletal trauma over time. Sometimes even a small disproportionate imbalance of ball and socket joint in the hip can cause severe injury to your hips. It can wear down the muscles and cartilage resulting in the scraping of bones together. That can lead to pain during mobility and other activities.

Such as

  • Pain in the lower back
  • Pain in the hip, knees and groin
  • Wear and tear of cartilage and muscles
  • High risk of injury during running or falling
  • Severe arthritis.

However, the best orthopaedic doctor in Mumbai can lessen and relieve your chronic hip pain through different surgical procedures.


Common Acute or Chronic hip pain is arthritis

  • Arthritis is a kind of condition that leads to pain and swelling in the joints.
    • Traumatic arthritis
    • Osteoarthritis 
    • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Fracture during locomotion activities 
  • Septic arthritis
  • Avascular necrosis
  • Hip or hip joint fracture
  • Bone dysplasia 
  • Benign in or malignant bone tumour
  • Hip joint dysfunction 
  • Bursitis- It causes painful swelling around the joints during the movements
    • Trochanteric bursa
    • Iliopsoas bursa
  • Hip pointer

Joint Replacement in Mumbai

Generally, hip replacement is one of the best options to get relief from the continued pain. In this surgical procedure, the damaged or injured hip is replaced with an artificial implant. These prosthetic artificial implants that are placed during the surgical procedure allows free movement without any pain. However, hip replacement is one of the major surgical procedures. Hence, doctors don’t recommend it unless and until it is very severe. For example, if there is only the degeneration of the joint or tear of the muscles and cartilage but no significant pain during mobility. Your day-to-day movement is not limited then hip can be preserved through hip preservation therapy. That leads to minimising the symptom and improves mobility.  But if the pain persists then your doctor would advise you for total hip replacement surgery in Mumbai.

Signs that the patient is considered for hip replacement

  • The pain persists even during your mobility and everyday activities.
  • The pain and stiffness of the joint that prevents you from walking, bending over, etc. 
  • The pain and swelling persist even when you are laying down or sitting still.

Three Categories Of Hip Arthroplasty

  • Total Hip Arthroplasty
  • Hemi Arthroplasty 
  • Hip Resurfacing


Total hip replacement surgery is medically named as the ‘Total Hip Arthroplasty’. In this particular surgical procedure, the main objective is to replace and restore the function of the hip joint. In this technique, the damaged articular cartilage, muscle & bone are replaced with artificial prosthetic implants or elements. However, these artificial implants regulate free hip movement without any pain and stiffness. 


Hemi-Arthroplasty is commonly identified as ‘Partial Hip Replacement’. This surgical procedure replaces only the injured and damaged standpoint of the hip joint. That surrounds the pelvic region of the skeleton. It relieves the pain & discomfort. 


This is a conservative procedure to preserve your biological femoral head through the hip resurfacing technique. Therefore, hip resurfacing treatment is in your best interest mainly advised for the active and younger patient for a speedy recovery.

Hip replacement surgery cost in Mumbai is divided into two patterns

One includes the prosthetic implants and the other includes the surgeon fees, hospital stay, operating charges, pharmacy, etc.

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