10 Tips to Get Over Depression and Anxiety


Anxiety and depression both share same biological basis. Both develop in response to extreme stressful conditions to point where the person is unable to cope up with the situation. Almost 90% of population suffers from this mental illnessand have become a part of casual conversations.

Family history, gender, personality , genes , accidents, panic situations , fear can lead to anxiety and depression . Fortunately both are treatable. There are many ways to cure anxiety and depression which includes relaxation exercises ,meditation and breathing exercises you can talk with your family members , friends and therapist plan out a way to self -help materials .

Nothing is impossible in this world if you have the will you can achieve any thing

There is always a reason behind developing such mental illness. Sometimes only finding out that root cause can help a lot. These both disorders come under a general term called GAD generalized anxiety disorders 

Sometimes both occur at the same time but one is predominant upon the other so it is better to treat that first but mostly they are treated simultaneously 

Try these 10 expert-backed suggestions to relax your mind and get control over your mind all over again is written the by the experts of cheapest essay writing service UK. Let’s have a look. 

  1. Psychotherapy involves cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy and problem solving therapy .In CBT all negative thoughts and emotions are converted into realistic and more useful one to overcome your fear and create an optimistic mind 
  2. Medications are also very helpful to treat anxiety and depression 
  3. Exercise is also one of the best ways to treat. These can very enjoyable and funny exercises help to change your mood different types of yoga are very helpful going to gym or for a morning walk or a half an hour jog can release your stress and tension actually these exercises help soothe your mind and body along with that breathing in fresh air can also help a lot simply standing and stretching your muscles and breathing in and out deeply help feel you more relaxed having a good sleep is also very good for your bodyand relaxes you . Dancing can help boost your mood sticking to your exercise program and daily performing can divert your mind from all the negative thoughts 
  4. Staying connected to people sharing your thoughts ,finding ways to deal with stress chit chat with friends and family members ,joining a community group or any other Facebook page where you can share your thoughts and listening to the problems other people are dealing with can help lessen your pain as you get aware of what other people are suffering from. Adding a little humor to ones life can have great benefits
  5. Stay in the present sometimes worrying too much of the future also causes a lot of tension feel happy for what you have  enjoy the moment of your life you have . Anxiety is a future oriented state of mind   Ask yourself questions about being safe , blessing of Allah and people who are there for you 
  6. There is a rule of 5 which can help you deal with your stress start thinking of the best things in your lifewhich makes you happy start watching funny videos and clips which can make you more happier and fresh. The rule is to acknowledge the 5 things you can touch , 4 things you can see , three things you can hear two things you can say and one thing you can taste there are so many blessing of Allah almighty which we never have thought of taking time and thanking Allah for the pleasures of life .writingthreshold it down all your worries help a lot you start focusing on something else 
  7. Reducing your caffeine intakeas it is present in your tea ,coffee and chocolate which increases your stress level by elevating the level of stress hormones in your brain although many people have threshold for tolerating caffeine . But if you feel anxious and jittery after taking caffeine containing drinks avoid taking these drinks . Most people have different opinion for tea they usually like taking tea when they are stressed out and having headache Aromatherapy can be very beneficial lighting candles with different lavender oils can change your mood.
  8. Avoid the common triggers. Most of people know that what is the actual cause of there stressful mindavoiding those  triggers help you manage your symptoms following are some examples of common triggering points like Certain places , people , less sleep , poor diet ,overthinking , panic situations, exposure to news and social media , using drugs and alcohol.
  9. Good Dietcan help boost your mental wellbeing a good and healthy diet can help defeat depression if you start eating fruits and vegetables , green tea ,soybean, juices whole grains ,cereals and nuts and avoid eating sugary desserts , red meat and other baked items 
  10. Last but not the least is to make a list of things you enjoyed a lot or have fun when you do it . Take your time and findout your hidden talent and work on it . It will be really helpful as you will enjoy being you who can do whatever you wants. Find out a hobby and start working on it can be gardening , painting , cooking ,dancing, reading a book or joining sports.

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