When Should You Get Cosmetic Fillers?

There is no right age to start with cosmetic fillers or Injectables. You may start when aging signs start popping up on your skin. It depends on what your skin needs and how you feel about your beauty.  

Some skins get early signs of aging, probably in 20s, whereas, other won’t see till their 40s or longer. Such people may take action right away using cosmetic fillers. Or, decide when they can have it for having silky soft and rejuvenating surface. 

There is another case, which has people with no aging signs. They just want to delay as much as they can to wrinkles, sags and fine lines.
However, it doesn’t mean that you should pick it up right away. You should remember that everyone’s skin ages differently. A very youthful skin might not have any noticeable lines until 40s. But the dry and sensitive skin ages quickly. It may happen when you are in your 20s. 

So, consult with your skin specialist or an aesthetic doctor to figure out when you could have it. 

Wrinkle Treatments in 20s

Probably, you see any fold on or across your face in your 20s, but it may not be a deep line. Although, there are some creases started forming when you pull your face to make any expression and after that, they disappear because they are not permanently formed yet.  

In this condition, focus on taking preventive fillers rather than relying on expensive facial treatments. Avoid sun exposure to ensure that it gets no further damages from its UV rays, which later turns into more pronounced or visible aging signs.

Botox treatment can also be a good alternative to prevent expression lines from getting deeper. Dermal fillers can help in eliminating premature lines, probably in 20s. These face fillers incredibly tackle other issues with the skin also, like acne, scarring. Together with the laser resurfacing treatment, it does an amazing job. 

Fillers in 30s and 40s

Lots of people start using dermal fillers in their 30s or 40s to delay aging. Mostly, deeper lines start forming in 30s and become noticeable by 40s. The expression lines worry a lot to those who want to look youthful at this age. 

These creases gradually become more visible around your mouth, eyes or on your brow. Dermal fillers can help you to get rid of these expression lines and make you look stunningly young. With the consultation of an expert skin specialist, you may say goodbye to them before they look worse. 

What do filler do?

Fillers do everything that is needed to delay the emergence of creases and lines all across your face, hands or any other exposed area. 


The doctors at Cosmetic Clinic Coolangatta, for example, talk about the benefits of hyaluronic acid for treating aging signs. This minimally invasive ant-wrinkle treatment fills up the injected area with volume that has been lost due to any reasons so that a smoother and softer skin would appear. It also works great on fine line and deeper expression lines. 

Improve skin condition

These fillers can also make your skin condition improved so that you may look younger than that of your real age. The collagen and elastin together provide strength and support to your skin. Over time with aging or illness, your body loses these essential proteins and hence, the surface turns dry and scaly. 

With these Injectables, this condition can be improved in no time. For example, Hyaluronic Acid can quickly fill it up with the much-needed volume that your skin requires.  Additionally, the collagen restarts stimulating in the skin cells, triggering the cells turnover. 

Get off expression wrinkles 

Expression wrinkles are lines that appear at the corner of the mouth, across the cheeks and along the neck when your skin is in motion. It happens due to a rapid decline in the collagen production. 


The skin loses its elasticity.  

There is a botox treatment that certainly, gives your lifeless skin a lease of life. Being extracted from Botulinum Toxin, it temporarily paralyses muscles where it has been injected. The receptors get blocked to get any instruction for any movement from the brain. The area gets the complete rest for months where it is injected. Over time, the skin condition improves. Static or expression lines fade away naturally. 

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