Can gerbils eat apples?

Gerbil Diet

Like any other type of pet, gerbils require a healthy food that is both balanced and nourishing. A diet rich in protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals can aid in the prevention of a number of diseases.

Hay or grasses should make up the majority of a gerbil’s diet because they contain vital elements for digestion. 

Your animal friend can get enough of vitamins from fresh fruits and veggies. Spinach, cucumber, broccoli, and carrots are all acceptable options. However, as too much fruit and veg can lead to diarrhoea, these should only make up 10% of their daily meal intake.

Seeds are a favourite food of gerbils, but you should only give them occasionally because they are high in fat and, if not well regulated, could cause obesity. Choose unsalted nuts like almonds or walnuts instead, which include healthful fats and proteins.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that access to clean water must always be available. Because gerbils like to chew on objects, it’s preferable to use sturdy ceramic dishes rather than quick-to-break plastic ones.

Your gerbil will be content and healthy if you give it a variety and balanced food!

Animal Health

Because they are little and active, gerbils need care and attention to stay healthy. 

It’s crucial to give your gerbil fresh water each day. They can easily acquire clean drinking water by having a water bottle attached to the cage.

Exercise is another element that supports the health of gerbils. Gerbils enjoy playing with toys inside of their cage or running on wheels. 

Gerbil cages should also be cleaned frequently because the tiny animals’ respiratory problems can result from unclean bedding. Use unscented bedding composed of natural materials, such as wood chips or crushed paper, wherever possible.

Monitoring your gerbil’s behaviour can aid in spotting any early signs of disease. It’s best to contact an exotic pet vet right once if you observe any illness-related symptoms, such as lethargy or a drop in appetite.

Gerbils need to eat right, move about, practise excellent cleanliness, and have their health regularly checked for any signs of illness.

Strawberries are edible for gerbils.

Small, lively rodents known as gerbils make wonderful pets. It is our duty as their owners to give them a balanced food that satisfies all of their nutritional requirements. Gerbils can occasionally appreciate some fruits, however they mostly eat seeds, grains, and hay.

Strawberries are one fruit that gerbils can consume. Don’t overfeed your gerbil with strawberries or any other kind of fruit, though.

Give your pet a small piece of strawberry to observe whether they like it and if there are any negative reactions, like diarrhoea or stomach discomfort, as with introducing any new food to their diet.

Strawberries can be served fresh, frozen, or canned, but canned strawberries should be avoided because they frequently include extra sugars that are unhealthy for gerbils.

Despite the fact that strawberries shouldn’t be a regular component of your gerbil’s diet due to their high sugar content and acidity levels compared to other fruits like apples and bananas, giving one to him/her periodically as part of a generally balanced diet plan won’t hurt him/her!

Bananas can gerbils eat them?

Whether or not gerbils can eat bananas is one frequent query.

The good news is that, when included in a healthy diet, gerbils can safely eat modest amounts of ripe bananas. High potassium and fibre content in bananas is good for your pet’s digestive tract. Additionally, their inherent sweetness makes them a fantastic treat choice for your pet!

However, moderation is crucial when eating any fruit. Additionally, it’s crucial to take away any peels before giving it to them because the tough skin may be challenging for their young bodies to digest.

Always start with a little amount and watch your gerbil’s reaction before adding any new food to their usual diet when giving them fruits like bananas or any other new food item.

Although it’s okay for gerbils to consume ripe bananas in moderation as part of a healthy, balanced diet, always keep in mind that diversity is key!

Are Gerbils able to eat apples?

As omnivorous creatures, gerbils may consume both plants and meat. The primary components of their food are hay, grains, seeds, and vegetables. They do, however, occasionally love eating fruit.

Gerbils can get a much of their nutrients from apples. They include vitamins that are vital for their health, like vitamins A and C. Apples’ high fibre content aids in digestion and keeps gerbils from becoming constipated.

It’s crucial to remember that while gerbils can eat apples, they shouldn’t have them as their main food source. 

Apples should be carefully washed to remove any pesticides or chemicals used during growing before feeding them to your gerbil. Additionally, don’t give your pet the apple seeds because they contain cyanide, which can be dangerous if taken in big amounts.

Yes! Apples are healthy for gerbils to eat, however when introducing new foods to your pet’s diet, remember that moderation is vital!


In conclusion, apples are safe for gerbils to eat and, if provided in moderation, they make a terrific complement to their diet. 

Always keep in mind that hay and pellets should still be gerbils’ main sources of nutrition, with occasional treats like fruits and vegetables. Your gerbil’s health will be at its best if you provide it a well-balanced food.

Always keep a tight eye on your pet when you introduce new items to their diet to look out for any negative responses or behavioral changes. Contact a veterinarian right once if you see anything alarming.

You can keep gerbils as members of your family for many years by adhering to these instructions and giving them the care they need.