General Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

Cancer refers to any of a multitude of conditions characterized by the growth of abnormal cells, which divide uncontrollably, invade and destroy healthy body tissue and often have the potential to spread through the body. Cancer is known to have a very high fatality rate. It accounts for more deaths than AIDS and malignant mesothelioma combined. The most common cancer types are lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and lymphoma cancer.

Why would it be more difficult to treat cancer once it has metastasized?

The doctors and the other staff members offer personal services to the patients. The committed services and the quality care of the cancer care hospital in Lahore make it a very popular name in the field of cancer care. Cancer hospital can treat all kinds of cancers and their stages. The best part of the cancer hospital is that they provide complete palliative care and psychological support to the cancer patients. The treatment of cancer can be very expensive and difficult; therefore the emotional support offered by the doctors and other members of the cancer team is very helpful for the patients.

These cancer types are based on the human gene mutation that causes cancer. Cancer is often genetic, because it is caused by changes in the DNA of an individual cell. This change is usually called a mutation, alterations or transcriptions which are caused by external stimuli such as radiation, chemicals and ageing. The cells continue to divide without any stop in their growth and this leads to cancer. Cancer is also sometimes related to the genetic backgrounds of an individual.

What is the reason why cancer is difficult to treat?

There are several symptoms, signs and symptoms of cancer, which are difficult to diagnose initially. However, once cancer cells invade various organs of the body, these symptoms can become very apparent. In addition, cancer has a wide range of symptoms and signs. These include, gastrointestinal, respiratory, pulmonary, ovarian, kidney, skin, cervical, oral, abdominal, nasal, esophageal and viral.

There are also several risk factors that increase the risk of developing cancer. These include: obesity, a history of cancer in the family, male gender, the age after coming into contact with asbestos during childhood, hereditary factors, an inherited abnormality in the DNA of the cells, smoking and alcohol consumption. Although, cancer is not evenly distributed around the globe, it is most common in Asia, Africa and other parts of the developing world. The cancer is also more prevalent in men than in women, which is another reason for the under-reporting of cancer cases.

There are many types of cancer, including breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, bone cancer, stomach cancer, head cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer, gall bladder cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and Hodgkin’s disease. When cancer strikes, it creates severe symptoms. The general signs and symptoms caused by cancer vary according to the type of cancer. However, the most common general signs and symptoms caused by cancer include:

What is the reason why cancer is difficult to treat?

Cancer is a disease, which often develops slowly over a long period of time. This allows cancer to develop in the body without causing any noticeable symptoms. This may happen if the cancer is left untreated or discovered too late. The cancer has developed to the point where treatment may be required and if the cancer has spread to various parts of the body, the cancer may need to be monitored carefully and all potential cancerous cells should be eliminated.

Some cancers are very aggressive and have high chances of becoming life threatening in a very short period of time. In such cases, the cancer has spread to various parts of the body and the doctor may recommend cancer treatments to take care of the cancer. These treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, targeted drug therapy, etc. In some cancer cases, doctors may recommend more than one treatment depending upon the type of cancer, its spread and the age and overall health of the person. The doctor may even choose to remove some of the cancerous cells and allow the affected area to grow again to try and make the cancer disappear.


Cancer can cause a number of symptoms caused by different types of cancer. As cancer grows, it affects various parts of the body and produces general signs and symptoms that gradually become more serious. If the cancer has spread to various parts of the body, it can lead to fatigue, skin changes and other symptoms caused by infection. General signs and symptoms caused by cancer in general include fever, persistent tiredness, persistent aches and pains, persistent headaches, persistent diarrhea, persistent migraines, swelling of the lymph glands, persistent muscle pain, frequent urination, weight loss and sudden appearance of some internal problems such as infections and abscesses.

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