7 Foods to Help You Lose Weight

Can delicious foods help you lose weight? While it may seem unreal, it is indeed feasible!  Losing weight involves eating fewer calories than you burn, but some foods can help you feel full longer and curb cravings. Here are seven foods to add to your shopping list to aid in weight loss.

1. Beans

Beans are affordable, filling, and versatile. They digest slowly and keep you feeling full for longer because they are a wonderful source of protein and high in fiber.  This can help prevent overeating. You can add beans to salads,and soups or eat them as a side dish.

2. Soup

A cup of soup made with broth as an appetizer can help you eat less in general.  Whether chunky or smooth, aim for soups that are 100 to 150 calories per serving. Avoid adding cream or butter to keep the calories low. Soup can be a great way to add more vegetables to your diet.

3. Dark Chocolate

If you crave chocolate between meals, choose a small piece of dark chocolate. Studies show that people who eat dark chocolate consume less food later than those who eat milk chocolate. Dark chocolate can be a satisfying treat that helps you stay on track with your diet.

4. Pureed Vegetables

Adding pureed vegetables to your meals can help you enjoy your favorite dishes while cutting calories. For example, adding pureed cauliflower and zucchini to mac and cheese can reduce the calories but still keep the dish tasty. This is a great way to add more vegetables to your diet without even noticing it.

5. Yogurt with Berries

A protein-rich breakfast can help you avoid snacking throughout the day. A study found that women who ate a breakfast with 35 grams of protein felt fuller and ate less later. A fantastic way to get protein without the saturated fat of sausage and eggs is to top Greek yogurt with berries and almonds. Just make sure to choose yogurt that isn’t loaded with added sugar.

6. Nuts

Nuts are a great snack because they are rich in healthy fats, protein, and fiber. They can help you feel full and satisfied, making it easier to resist unhealthy snacks. Just be mindful of portion sizes as nuts are high in calories. A tiny amount may be all you need for a sustained energy boost.

7. Apples

Apples are high in fiber and water content. You can reduce your food intake by eating an apple before meals. They are also a pleasant and wholesome snack.  Apples provide a practical and portable snack option due to their portability.

Shop Smart

When you go grocery shopping, focus on lean protein, fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. The key to lasting weight loss is the overall quality of your diet, not just specific foods. By choosing nutrient-rich foods, you can enjoy your meals while working towards your weight loss goals.

Tips for Better Shopping:

  1. Plan Your Meals: Make a weekly meal plan before you go grocery shopping.  This can help you make a list of healthy foods you need and avoid impulse buys.
  2. Shop the Perimeter: The outer edges of the grocery store typically have the freshest and least processed foods, like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and dairy. Try to fill most of your cart from these areas.
  3. Read Labels: If you buy packaged foods, make sure to read the nutrition labels. Look for items that are low in added sugars and high in fiber and protein.
  4. Avoid Shopping Hungry: If you shop when you’re hungry, you’re more likely to buy unhealthy snacks and foods. Try to eat a healthy snack before you go to the store.

Final Thoughts

Weight loss can be challenging, but choosing the right foods can make it easier. Incorporating these seven foods into your diet can help curb cravings, feel full longer, and boost your metabolism. Remember, the key to lasting weight loss is not just about eating specific foods but maintaining a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.